Entrepreneur Analysis Tool

Become a fail-proof entrepreneur without

revealing your weakness to anyone

how eat works!

Personalised report tailored for you

Full report to help you analyse your area of strength and weakness.

Get feedback to improve each trait

A straight forward guide with course & book recommendation to improve your trait.

Progressive report over time

You can compare and analyse your results over time by re-taking the test again.

“A 21st century tool for entrepreneurs, hope i had this back in 80’s.”

Raoof Riaz

Raja Furniture, Coimbatore

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Frequently asked questions by fellow entrepreneurs

Who are eligible for taking the test?

Any one with an idea or business can take this test.

How long will it take to complete the test?

The test contains 160 Multiple choice questions, hence it would take an average of 3 – 4 hours to complete the test. But you could do it over free time or during your tea break and can complete within 10 days of time at your convenience.

Can I view all my test reports?

You can view and compare all your test results by login in to the dashboard.

“E.A.T helped me understand my pitfalls. E.A.T feed my appetite!”

Ganesh Babu

Corner stone foods & Beverages, Coimbatore

Limited time offer – $9.99

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