Ourbusinessladder.com is a platform where people can meet and exchange ideas on various aspects of business. They get a chance to catch up with the latest trends that influence today’s business. We, at ourbusinessladder.com have come across several people with brilliant business ideas who are hesitant only because of the possible hurdles they may have to face. Keeping this scenario in mind, our earnest endeavour is to reach out to such genuinely potential entrepreneurs who may be a fledgling start-up, or a successful business, or anyone with a never-say-die attitude – just to get an insight on how their journey has been until now. We believe that learning being a continuous learning process, there is something that we can learn from all: be it a successful venture, or one that is still taking off. The sole objective of this section is to provide the much needed motivation, and share knowledge that can help budding entrepreneurs located in any corner of the globe.

Arvind Subramaniam

ARVIND SUBRAMANIAM Your Company name and Area of business   I am a partner at Zesty…

Arumugham Sankaran

ARUMUGHAM SANKARAN My previous experience in a tech start up helped me realize the importance…

Nandakumar Krishnaswamy

NANDHAKUMAR KRISHNASWAMY Auslander International into Overseas Education & Immigrations, Investments & Business Labs, and Career…

Sivaprasad Velayudhan

SIVAPRASAD VELAYUDHAN I was not contented with the jobs that were thrown at me, but…


KHUZEMA The most challenging and fun aspect of the business is that the entire sector…

Shibam Sarbswa

SHIBAM SARBSWA You’re Name & Designation Hello I am Shibam Sarbswa, the Co-Founder & Business…

Viraat Kothare

VIRAAT KOTHARE Your Name & Designation   Viraat Kothare, Director Your Company name and Area…

Jabeer Khan

JABEER KHAN Even the smallest businesses require lots of skills to operate correctly. Finding people…

Vignesh Rajamanickam

VIGNESH RAJAMANICKAM I always had the urge to be an opportunity provider and create value…

Anshul Johri

ANUSHUL JOHRI I am highly inspired with Airbnb model and when we (I and my…

James Vineeth

JAMES VINEETH We brought nothing into this world and can take nothing from here as…

Abishek Baskaran

ABISHEK BASKARAN Delegate ownerships rather than delegating tasks and micro-managing. If you have read this…


RAJAMANICKAM Concentrate on product or services in demand, analyse the product/services, execute with innovative concepts,…

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