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Market Research

Market research is the organized gathering and understanding of information through interpretation of data available from individuals or organizations. At Ourbusinessladder.com, Coimbatore's leading business consultant, we use statistical and analytical methods and techniques to support your decision making and gain valuable insight about market activity.

Why is Market Research Important for your business?

It is an important and significant component of any business-big or small. Business owners regularly conduct research for many reasons—Identifying potential customers, understand their target audience etc.


Market Research is a very important constituent of business strategy, which is why you should invest in it. It also refers to any organized effort to gather information about target markets or customers.

For whom is Market Research ideal?

It should be done for startups as well as for existing business for their business expansion or before new product/service launch.Businesses—regardless of how big or small they are—should invest in getting a study done to help in their marketing strategy .

Kinds of Market Research

Primary research: constitutes of first hand information and study data compiled by the researcher.

Secondary research: involves the summary, and synthesis of existing market research.

Ourbusinessladder.com—Your Market Research Partner!

With the profound understanding of your product, services and your existing marketing strategies, we come up with the marketing techniques that would be better suited to your business model through our market research. This is attained through a combination of primary as well as secondary research. We help startups as well as established companies do their research in Coimbatore as well as companies all over India and across globe. We help them attain their goals in business through our established policies.


Here is a rundown of the vital reasons why market research cannot be ignored:


  • It can gauge the success of your marketing campaigns, which can positively affect your sales—through giving an insight on what your customer really wants.

  • It can help you keep a tab on your competitors—by giving you information on new entrants in the industry and how well your competitors are doing.

  • It can help you minimize loss in your business—by giving you advance data on how your business is perceived by the customers and competitors alike.

Understand your target customer base and increase sales!

Regardless of whether you are a startup institution or expanding your business or looking to do research in Coimbatore (or anywhere else in India or anywhere in globe !), market research is vital to understanding your target customer base and increasing sales .With our tried and tested strategies and our team of experts to guide you, your institution will certainly reach heights.

Acting on market research

A good market study can help you identify areas of your business institution that requires acting upon. Acting on problem areas is a vital step in addressing customer needs, and growing your sales.


Our research, coupled with the expertise of a seasoned team, may show that you need to:


  • Review your business plan

  • Update your sales plan

  • Improve your sales pitch

  • Update your products or services

  • Reconsider your branding strategies

  • Improve marketing strategies

  • Improve user interface for mobile applications

  • Consider diversification

  • Consider cutting down on additional costs

What next?

The sooner you act on our conclusions, the more it will benefit your startups institution. There is no point in waiting after conducting a market research as over time, the marketplace and customers change. Many institutions and startups in cities like Coimbatore, Chennai and other states in India see market research as an ongoing process that helps them keep up with current trends in business.

Think Carefully About your Goals

Thinking carefully about your goals and setting them before hand will help us design a research project that gets the accurate results that you are looking for. At Ourbusinessladder.com , we help you set a clear research objective and how this will influence your business. We help create new business ideas in Coimbatore.

When conducting research, we are always careful not to let your opinions and preferences affect the results. With ourbusinessladder.com as your partner, be prepared to find information that is unbiased and unanticipated .This builds a more accurate picture of your target market and will be more useful to your startup institution and company.

Establishing market research objectives

At ourbusinessladder.com , we help you clearly define your objectives and the outcomes you expect, as unclear objectives lead to expectations that are at odds and data that is irrelevant.


Some of the Key objectives and questions our market research can cover


  • Your mobile application's performance

  • New markets for your business

  • Customer reactions to your product/mobile application

  • Increase/decrease in demand for your product like mobile application

  • Who buys your product?

  • Competitive pricing for your mobile application

  • Competitive pricing for your other products/services

  • Best location for your startup (Eg: is Coimbatore a good place, or Chennai better?)

  • Your competitions

  • Is your startup viable?

Avoid stagnation—Invest in Market Research Now!

Our market research could identify potential new business opportunities for expansion or diversification for your venture. During the course of the research, you may find a market that is unexplored . Our consultancy brings with it an awareness of newer trends, better terrain for business and fresh adventure! This could help your business in avoiding potential stagnation.


At Ourbusinessladder.com, we believe that a thorough study is useful at all stages of the business life cycle. If you are starting a business, it can help you work out your competitive advantage.If your business is already established you can use our market research to develop new products, mobile applications and services and target customers more effectively .Companies in Coimbatore or elsewhere, do Get in touch with us!


Real market research is about listening to people, analysing the information to help organisations make better decisions and reducing the risk. We have a method of analysing and interpreting data to build information and knowledge that can be used to predict anything from current business success rate to possible future scenario, the necessary actions to be taken, etc. This is where the real skill and value of market research lies.

Choose Ourbusinessladder.com, climb the ladder to success!


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