Persistence & Business Advisory – the Twin Sisters of Successful Start-ups

Persistence & Business Advisory

Ambition and a burning desire to excel and create a solution for compelling problems are what drive people to become entrepreneurs. Sadly three out of four entrepreneurs give up midway through to achieving their objectives. Some reasons for giving up include – inability to manage time efficiently, wrong co-founders, attempting too many, failing to contact subject matter experts and negative thoughts. There can be other reasons as well – financial, choice of technology, focus on wrong markets, improper product mix, project location and many other reasons.


Time and again successful entrepreneurs have proved that no problem or obstacle is insurmountable. The key to success is in realizing that every quality required for creating a successful enterprise cannot be in a single individual and that advisory and consultancy is an essential component to realize one’s dreams. It is not below one’s dignity to seek advice because the world of business is not what it was even a decade before. Every business component has become a specialized vertical in its own right and consultancy and advisory is available to everyone.

Importance of Persistence

Initial hiccups and bottlenecks in promoting and running a business is an integral part of any enterprise and every successful entrepreneur in the past has faced it. But what set successful entrepreneurs apart from those who give up is persistence and a zeal to overcome difficulties. Successful entrepreneurs tend to be team players – they are mostly willing to onboard like-minded co-founders, seek advice from experts and meticulous in every approach.


Persistence is important for many reasons and is a leadership quality. Unlike quitters, persistent leaders tend to command respect and are able to gather people around them. Persistent individuals don’t see failure as an end in itself; it is simply a setback that they try to correct and put back on the track.


Offloading Tasks

Trying to do too many things in too little time is a big mistake that most budding entrepreneurs will commit. Offloading tasks is critical to realizing success. This is what consultancies do and with finesse.

About Consultancy Services

Running an on-going business is altogether different from making a beginning from scratch – there is a learning curve to start-ups and even a small mistake can cause a major setback. This results in unacceptable delays and cost overruns. Consultancy services can save you from this though it does come with a cost. However, you shouldn’t mind this – consultancy is a passport to guaranteed success in the shortest possible time.


Here is how consultancy services help budding entrepreneurs to take off with confidence and bring success to enterprises.


Strategic Planning – As an entrepreneur you may have goals but without a strategy to achieve it. An experienced consultancy can fill this gap because they have the experience you might be lacking and further they have the privilege of working with many enterprises at the same. They will also save valuable time for you. In short, consultancy organizations deliver an experience to you on a platter ready to be implemented and seen to succeed.


Improving Processes – Business is a set of the process; how you start, what steps you take and the most appropriate time to take an action all have a bearing on how fast you attain objectives. Consultancy services can help you on all these and even more. They will be able to write a business plan that is practical and feasible to implement. They can determine the best process, both technical and management and chart an action plan. You benefit because it is professional and is time tested.


Leadership Development – Leadership is a critical component for a business to succeed and start-ups have plenty of need for it. Leadership can help start-ups to retain valuable employees, motivate them to perform and galvanize sales and income. Consultancy services are able to design an appropriate hierarchy in which decisions are streamlined to meet strategies that are reputed to work perfectly.


Human Resource – Though machines have substituted for human beings in many business operations, the most critical components still remain with human resources. Consultancy companies can identify and onboard the right individuals for the right position and see the enterprise to success on a time-bound plan. HR is a critical aspect for any start-up to succeed.


Financial Planning – Finance is an important aspect of doing business and no business manager can afford to ignore it. Financial management of a start-up is a complex process and must be planned meticulously very early in its lifecycle. Financial planning can help you to save taxes legally, reduce/enhance investment, reduce dependence on expensive funds, improve financial ratios and help you to raise funds in the primary and secondary markets. Financial management is a highly complex task and even the most successful business will need a financial consultant for keeping their business running profitably.


Legal Compliance – Every aspect of doing business requires that enterprises follow the law of land. Your business may be a small drug store around the corner or a countrywide network of stores, but don’t forget that laws apply equally and failure to comply can bring irreparable financial and reputation loss. As an entrepreneur or a start-up owner, reading through complex laws can be extremely daunting and almost impossible to manage. An experienced legal consultancy can change all these dramatically – you can avoid consumer litigations, prosecutions, and penalties.

Leave It to Specialists

Doing business is a complex process in which multiple factors come into play. Don’t expect every skill to be in an individual and don’t either depend on non-professionals for advisory. Your best bet is specialist consultancy, and the small fee you pay them is worth tons of gold.


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