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Top 15 Common business ideas – Small business plan

Among the small business ideas there are some common business ideas which have time and again proved successful.  These ideas are a sure shot way to success if one proceeds carefully. Following is a list of business ideas which are common, yet gaining ground rapidly due to their appealing nature. But do be aware of various pitfalls in every business and only proceed with a business option after consulting with a business advisor.


Food Joint:

You can start a snack point or a restaurant or choose from various cuisines like Thai, Chinese, south/north Indian.  With a good team and a meticulous plan for marketing you can start with this business very easily. You can read how to open a fast food restaurant here.


Stationery shop:

A nearby stationery shop is always helpful for everyone. Building a chain of reliable vendors is integral to opening a stationery shop. This kind of business provides a steady income, and becomes foolproof provided the right marketing strategies. You could tie up with a nearby school or office chain and become their sole supplier. With this kind of business, the opportunities become endless. You can also incorporate some gift items and greeting cards for attracting people. Read how to open a stationery shop here.


Grocery store:

Again, this is an option which every neighborhood needs. With all the food products required at home, this venture has always reaped benefit. Similar to a stationery shop, this also provides a steady income. You can read how to open a grocery store here.


Construction business:

There are examples of construction businesses in our world that have climbed the top most ladder of success. The pioneers of this business are like Aditya Birla Group, JK Lakshmi cement etc. You can also be the next tycoon in the construction arena. Whip up a plan, go to the right investors and start building your dream and watch it take shape in front of your own eyes…this takes a lot of dedication and handwork. It also takes lot of positive thinking. You can read about motivation and the power of positive thinking here.


Distribution business:

You can take up distributorship of food products like syrups and sauces, or pet food, or cosmetics and fashion products, decorative paints, etc. In order to reach local markets, many companies give away their dealership to a large number of smaller companies or individuals. Getting a dealership requires immense amount of preparation. You don’t wanna mess up that meeting with the client, which is the ladder to getting that coveted dealership. Usually, getting through to big organizations and convincing them why you are the best individual to distribute their products are the two hurdles. Read our post here on how to bag a deal successfully.


Computer solutions:

Hardware problems arise all the time in our PC and laptop. There are companies who regularly take care of our systems and constantly update them for anti viruses and other programs. If you are a tech expert, then you are onto some serious buck. You could open your own Computer solutions company with minimal investment.



Many young designers who aspire to showcase their work have opened up their own small boutiques and are quite popular in amongst fashionistas. You could be the next big name. All you need is a unique sense of fashion and lots of creativity. You could run your own boutique from the comfort of your home. This kind of business becomes ideal for the homemaker, and is a hot work-from-home option. Read how to open a boutique here.


Handicraft export:

Craftsmen who toil day and night can be helped by selling their products in the international market. For example, in India, be it the Rajasthani ghagra choli or Madhubani painting, they have a huge market outside the country. Some organizations have taken up the responsibility to take their crafts in the global world and both the craftsman and the businessman earn benefits from it. You can read all you want about how to export here.


Property dealer:

Everyday people move out of their native places and go to the big cities in search of job, education etc. Hence, a need arises to search for new homes. The kind of fast paced life that we live, it becomes impossible to find a house ourselves. Property dealership is the hot trend in metropolitan cities, where you bump into one office in almost every street.


Tuition centers:

In India, almost every child attends tuition classes to improve his/her grades in school. Blame it on the education system, or societal pressures, every parent want their children to fare well in exams. Hence, tuition centers came into being. These tuition centers start from nursery to post graduation level. You can read how to open your own tuition academy here. Another highly profitable area is coaching for competitive exams.


Maid Agency:

People today have enough money to spend on a full time maid. Even the middle class today aspire to keep a help at their two BHK accommodation. You can start this venture if you have access to the man power from rural areas of the country. Here is a useful post on how to open your own Maid Agency.


Laundry Service:

A one hour laundry service is what office goers need. By adding a few heavy duty washing machines and a regular water and electricity supply you can start this business for much awaited profit. And what more, this can be started from the comfort of your home.


Chemist Shop:

Chemist shops have been a common thing since the allopathic medicine came into existence. You may add to that delivery services and monthly deals for regular customers. It has become a highly profitable business as the general health of public is deteriorating, according to studies and surveys.


Car/Bike Service Station:

Since every household has minimum two vehicles today, they always look for quality servicing. If you have a team who know the machines; this venture can give you huge gains as people are willing to shell out the bucks to keep their vehicles in immaculate condition. The right marketing strategies coupled with the right vision can take you far in this field.


Transport Services:

Whether you want to transport a particular product or are interested in making people shift, this venture has huge potential as well. Today these transport agencies are also incorporating packing and moving services to improve their customer base.

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