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Tea Business – Successful Business Ideas

Tea is popular for many reasons. It wakes you up effectively early in the morning. When it rains, all you feel like doing is have a hot cup of tea and fresh homemade savories. Certain compounds present in green tea helps you stave off depression too. It aids in the battle of the bulge as well. There are several benefits of drinking tea (brewed the right way, of course!)

1. Know Your Tea Leaves

So, wanting to open a tea store offering quality tea leaves? The first step is to know your tea leaves. There are several different types of teas and each type is brewed differently. Some of the kinds of tea are White tea, blooming tea, green tea, black tea, herbal tea, Chinese or Oolong tea–just to name a few.

There are varied kinds of blends and brews. Get to know your tea and how it is brewed. This will go a long way in establishing your store as an authentic one. Expect your customers to ask many questions about tea—which region they come from, its health benefits, its significance, etc. Be prepared; attend seminars and gatherings. Visit a tea farm. You can strike up a relationship with the owner and buy tea from them for your shop.

2. Your Clientele

Decide your clientele. Will your clientele include those who are into fitness and want to benefit from your tea? Or would your clientele include those who just want the luxury of buying tea? Deciding on the kind of audience you want to target will help you in deciding the marketing strategies and other related things. For example, if you are offering it to fitness-freaks, you can include the benefits of green tea, its anti-oxidant properties in the flyers.

3. The Location of the Shop

Your location should be the one with maximum visibility. Think about how you want the interiors of your shop to be. Coffee tables and coffee table books, books about tea, soothing music for setting the ambiance, and warm interiors will go a long way in establishing your shop. But the quality of your teas will be a decisive factor.

4. The Business Plan

See whether you have the required capital for opening your shop. Write down a business plan. A business plan is the skeletal framework of any business. It serves as a reality check as well. Do market research before opening your shop.

This will let you know about the amount of demand for quality teas in the area you plan to open your tea shop. Conduct surveys online and offline as well. Register your business and business name with the help of any of the top company formation services. Apply for regional and state licenses, including inspections required to run a food-related business. Take care of tax issues.

5. Marketing Your Product

Like any other business, you need to market your tea business through online social media. Get in touch with Facebook officials for posting ads on their website. You must also look at the option of selling your product through eBay and other such websites. Illustrating your products through your own website will add to your credibility further.

While opening a tea shop, make sure you get your tea supplies from reliable suppliers. Test every tea personally. Make sure the quality is the best. Customers look for quality. You might consider running a brewery session every now and then, just like wine tastings. This will create a niche customer base and help you in marketing as well.

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