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How To Start a Tailoring Business – Business plan sample

Be it men or women, tailoring is becoming a hot profession nowadays. What with the fashion trends and the desire to sport custom made suits and lehengas, tailoring is one business opportunity which fetches lots of greens. You can start a boutique business right from the sanctity of your home. All you need is knowledge about the basics of tailoring. No formal education is required, although, a degree in fashion technology would be an added plus. If you don’t have any formal degree/training, you can consider learning the intricacies of the art from an experienced tailor in your locality.

Importance of a business plan

Write a business plan to guide you through each stage of business development when starting a sewing business. List the types of sewing services you plan to offer in the first section. List start-up costs, such as sewing machines, thread, patterns, computer equipment and software, in the second section. Outline a marketing plan to attract customers in the third section. List owner and employee responsibilities in the fourth section.

Few Items Required

Remember, learning this art needs patience and a basic understanding of aesthetics.  The items you would need are:

    • Sewing machines
    • Fabric
    • Basic sewing supplies like needles, pins, yarn, threads, laces, buttons etc.
    • A price list for the item you are going to sew


Market is important

First of all, decide what you want to sew. Analyse the market and find out what kind of trends are hot.Prepare a catalogue of designs and patterns for your customers. You can also showcase your prepared costumes on mannequins.  You can also prepare flyers and distribute them in your neighbourhood. Banners in nearby places might also increase your customer walk-ins. You may even get specialized tailoring classes for that particular trend. Once you feel confident enough, you can start sewing for your friends and relatives.  If you make a good enough job, then word will spread around automatically. Be sure to advertise your works through social media like Facebook, twitter etc.  Invest in a website.  Then, slowly, as the orders pour in, you may consider renting a small place and hiring tailors who are looking for a job.


Select Right People

In the process of expanding your business, you are creating a job opportunity for artisans and the like. Therefore it is important to select people who are hardworking and willing to learn. They must also share your zeal and creativity. Your business will grow only if you provide a friendly service to the customers. Therefore hire people who are friendly and also highly professional.


Financial and legal base is important

Be sure to register your business name and business when you do that. Get appropriate licenses. This business sure does require initial investment, but it is relatively small to other businesses requiring huge investments. The key here is to market your talents and abilities. Consulting financial and legal advisors is also recommended for stability in your business.

Futuristic Approach

While many older shops are hesitant to embrace technology-rich business models, you as a entrepreneurs must try out these steps:

    • Distance Tailoring – Distance tailoring allows start-ups to expand their reach beyond the geographic limitations of the local marketplace. Customers perform their own measurements (with guidance) and place orders online.
    • Integrated Backend Solutions – In present age and technology, accounting, billing, inventory, shipping and other software solutions can be integrated to create a highly functional and seamless backend system.


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