5 Signs Your Business Needs Advice in the Right Direction

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There comes a point in every entrepreneur’s life when they must answer a serious question: “Is my business headed in the right direction?”

The planning phase of a business is of the utmost importance—whether you are in the pre-startup phase, opening another office location for your business, starting a new project with a new client, or upgrading your service.

Without a plan, a business is like a ship without a rudder. Sometimes, people need advice to steer the business in the right direction. This is to make sure that the overall business is following a growth-focused trajectory.  Strategic planning is absolutely critical. It is one of the signs of a successful business. However, as much as entrepreneurs know that they need to plan ahead for their business to be successful and approach a business advisor, many of them don’t undertake the strategic planning sessions that are required to run a successful business as often as they might need.

So, how do you know if your business is headed in the right direction? How do you know that you need business startup advice and need to approach a business development consultant? What signs should you be paying attention to indicate that your business needs a facelift and is in dire need of some work? Here are five telltale signs.

1. You’re Losing Existing Customers

If your business is losing existing customers, especially the ones that have been loyal to you, it’s a sure shot sign that something is amiss in your business. It is time to hurry to the business advisor and see what needs to change in the way you are running your business. Either, you are pursuing the wrong demographic, or you are not focusing enough on the customer experience. Either way, it’s important to determine why the customers are leaving you for other businesses so that you can retain your customers.

2. Your Employee Attrition is High

Are you suddenly losing more employees than usual? Or maybe, your employees are less enthusiastic about their work and are less engaged in the workplace leading to a lack of productivity and burnout. Whatever the case, you need to look into it and need to determine why employee morale is low in the workplace. To increase employee engagement, you may need to implement employee wellness programs or processes that help forge an amazing office culture, attracting and retaining the best of talent. Strategic planning will help you in the process and achieve success. Or you could consult top management consulting firms to identify what measures you need to pursue.

3. Your Profits are Dropping

If you are losing customers, that means it is eating in your profit. On the other hand, even if you’re attracting and retaining new customers but your profits are decreasing, that might indicate something is very amiss with your business. It is an indicator that your business has inefficient processes that are eating into your profit margin. While working with top management consulting firms or business advisors, you may uncover that a new process that you implemented has made things less profitable. From there, you can look deeper to improve your business’ process and transform your organization.

4. Your Sales Leads aren’t Converting

Every entrepreneur knows that it is not enough to just identify leads; you need to convert them into sales. If you aren’t converting leads (for a long while), then you need to do a little digging to find out why. Some of the reasons could be the pricing of your product or service, failure from your sales team to perform, not having a compelling/attractive service or product, difficult terms, and conditions of doing business, failure of marketing and proper advertising or limited visibility of your business. Whatever the reason is, you need to rectify in order to get your business up to speed.

5. Your Product Market Has Changed

The wants and needs of a customer are never the same and alter over time. As they say, change is the only constant. That is why you need to conduct strategic market research that will help pivot your business. Are you still catering to the right target audience? Has the demographic changed? Is it time to venture into a new market? If your market no longer requires your products or services, then you need to find out your target audience and a new way to reach them. You need a new marketing and advertising plan.

Getting a professional mentor while being a startup may help you avoid making mistakes and steer your business in the right direction. A mentor can guide you with the knowledge and expertise and make a lot of value-addition to the business.

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What do you do to take your business in the right direction?



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