Be a Warrior to Make Things Happen

Learning never stops and true learners know the real magic it can produce.

Even before the time of human evolution the conditions were so dynamic; species which learned to progress survived and evolved.

Entrepreneurship is a tough journey—one needs to develop the mindset of a warrior.

Warrior’s Mindset

A warrior is one who

  1. Knows themselves completely
  2. Update themselves continuously
  3. Spend effective time for themselves
  4. Very clear with their plans and progress
  5. Finally, they will never give up

1. Knowing Yourself is the Best Beginning

In a battle of the economy and the competition, before hitting the ground you should know completely about yourself and your organization through continuous thought-provoking questions. One who understands their strength and limitation has the best possibility to grow in any situation or circumstance. This might look so simple and easy, but that’s not so.

Knowing about yourself is the beginning of all wisdom said Aristotle, so it demands its own price. Also, self-understanding demands its own time, so as an entrepreneur keep questioning continuously about yourself to get the convincing answer which will help you to witness the positive progress of yourself and that of your organization.

2. Try to be a Better You Day By Day

To be successful in life and entrepreneurship, compete with yourself—that is the best competition. Try to be better than your competitor—that’s you! There may be many excuses for not spending time to hone yourself but the real truth is ‘’either execution or excuse’’. Once you are out of excuses then the real possibility of execution starts.

3. Time is the Best Gift in Life

Yes, you heard it right—the best gift for us in life is time. One should learn the technique of using time effectively. If you are an entrepreneur, the most important trait will be effective time management. Also, the time spent in self-growth is equally important. However busy you are, whatever you do, on a  daily and weekly basis you should spend time for yourself.

You could spend time on anything which you like or on things which help you to grow. One who cares for themselves first is the one who cares for others truly. Some of the best time could be spent on hobbies, social work, exercise, playing sports, reading books, joining online training or in-person meeting, networking, and on things which helps you to perform your role or run the business better.

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4. A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

A lot of people wish to get or do many things in life but one who plans it has the possibility of more and continuous success. Especially when it comes to business, there are a lot of areas that need a lot of planning, and tracking. You must have the right line of control planned if any deviation is expected. Most successful founders, cofounders will plan the below things during the beginning of the financial year which we can call as FOG:

  1. Financial planning: Revenue and profit target for the year, every quarter, month, and so on. Also taken into consideration is the budget to achieve the goal.
  2. Organization structure: Planning the size of the team and roles and responsibility which is in line with the organizational goal
  3. Geographical expansion: Planning the geographical location in which the organization is going to conduct business for that particular year.

There is a lot more planning to be done at the beginning of the financial year or during—but the above-mentioned FOG is the basic. For help with goal setting or planning for your business Contact us.

5. A Miracle is Just a Step Away

Never, ever give up. Most of the entrepreneurial journey will throw different types or levels of challenges so build a real warrior’s mindset which will help you to make the positive progress. If you are caught in a tough situation, take a break to rejuvenate, so you can come back strongly and with a different perspective of solutions.

To be awesomely successful, be a warrior who takes part in battles that are worth winning.



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