5 SEO Tips Even Your Kids Can Apply in 2022

SEO in Digital Marketing

Today, kids around us are earning money even while studying in college. One prominent job role by which they can earn today is digital marketing. What is SEO? Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of improvising the nature and capacity of website traffic and is one of the best ways in digital marketing for kids to study and acquire easily. By implementing 5 top SEO tips, young entrepreneurs can enhance their digital marketing skills and optimize website traffic effectively.

Creating and publishing content on their websites can help them to improve their language skills and share their opinions with the world.

When your child starts to create their own content, they will start to explore more pieces of information and will realize their ability to increase their intelligence.

Here are the easy five SEO tips for beginners to try and apply in 2022:

1. Research Quality Keyword

Keywords are the main part of SEO. Using attractive keywords helps to bring more galleries to your child’s site. A dominant part of researching keywords is to find out the most trending ones that people search in Google. This helps to provide diverse terms to search for and spunky blog ideas. Researching will eventually help your child find attractive blog ideas that help them to create content.

Websites are a foundation, the content in the website is the biggest share that will drive traffic to the website. If your child is putting in a lot of hard work to come up with the best topic and the content, the engagement and traffic will be higher too.

2. Design Significant Titles

Advise your child to create more attractive titles. Short and interesting titles are more engaging. They will also be interesting for audiences. Always keep titles short. If the website has different pages, then take a look at each page’s titles and if they are long, make it shorter. A title should always contain the overall briefing of the content.

Meaningful titles can import a lot of traffic to the website. The audience likes to read blogs smoothly and effortlessly.

3. Include Videos and Images

Videos and Images help to convey the content much more sensibly. Using very easily understandable and clear-cut images and videos helps to create eagerness within the mind of the audience. Do not add text in the image. Text within an image is difficult for Google to crawl. Therefore, coding should be perfectly done. You can help your kids by enrolling them in coding classes for kids, which helps them to learn HTML and coding, which is the backbone of a site.

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4. Select the Right URL

There will always be a necessity for your kid to create a name for their website. It is known as the domain name that helps your kids to bring more visitors to their site. A good name always attracts a lot of audiences to your kid’s site. Always make sure that the URLs of your kid’s websites are clean and easily accessible by google. Note that they can’t use special characters or hashtags on their site.

A perfect domain always will have a good name and will feasibly have a relevant keyword that connects with the content.

5. Lookout for Headers

All pages on your child’s website should have a title and a subtitle. If your kids can use the correct text on their content, it will help Google to crawl and accept your child’s content. The most crucial part of the content is the title of your blog, and you should define it as an H1 tag.

6.  To Wrap It Up

SEO is a fun way to approach if your kid has your support. This will result in their creativity and content creation. Content is the king. If your kid can create valuable content, then it will be an accomplishment. The audience always prefers to read creative blogs that can speak enthusiastically. Make sure to motivate your kid and to help them create wonders.


What are some SEO tips kids can follow?

  • To rank their websites
  • To get more Traffic
  • To create content naturally
  • To understand the intent of their audiences
  • To understand their competitors
  • To get better keywords

List the five most important on-page SEO factors?

  • Keyword Search
  • Optimization of URL
  • Meta Identification
  • Header Identification
  • Content Development

What are SEO basics?

  • Monitor the website
  • Keywords
  • Backlink
  • Better URL
  • Content
  • Social Media



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