6 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Boost Video Engagement

Video Engagement Tips

Video content generates more leads and conversions, and it is a well-known fact. As 74% of marketers believe in the power of video content, it is only right that a person beginning a journey on YouTube or creating a video for their brand’s website keeps this in mind. However, not all types of video will generate leads, to do so, you have to ensure that it is highly engaging and of top-quality.

If you are not making videos that are engaging, how will you generate leads? You cannot do that if no one is watching the content that you are sharing. So, it is crucial that you work on getting the engagement on your video content right. How can you do that? With these few helpful tips.

1.Work on the Quality of the Video

Sure, you need to work on the thumbnail or SEO and more to engage people with your video content. But all this won’t matter if the quality of your video content is not up-to-the-mark. So, the first thing you need to work on is your script. Make sure that the quality of content is top-notch and provides value to the viewers. The quality of the audio and video (scenes and angles) should also be the best. Use the best equipment to capture the video if you wish to share a professional video with your viewers.

2. Add outro to Your Video

It is an exceptional tip for all YouTubers; however, outros work with all types of video. An outro, also known as the end screen is the end part of a video whose job is to end the video on a proper note. It includes end credits, or it can include a note expressing gratitude for watching the video, and more according to the needs of the video.

Also, another thing to note is that outros can include CTAs or call-to-actions. They are critical as they can aid you in encouraging the viewers to take action like follow the channel or do more.

The importance of outro means that you need to create with patience. Put your efforts into it and create an eight-second video using an outro making tool. Why a tool? Because it is fast and has templates making the process simple.

3. Create Videos Keeping in Mind the Trends

You cannot ignore the trends if you wish to engage your viewers. They want information, but they need entertainment also, and following trends is an absolute way to do this. Moreover, creating a video on trending topics may get you more views or traffic as that is the thing that people are talking about these days.

For instance, all YouTubers made tons of videos on Coronavirus as it was trending. Similarly, asking experts to react to something is another popular trend which can help with engagement.

4. Work on Creating a Compelling Introduction

The first few seconds of the video are integral to your video’s engagement. If you can convey the message or main subject of the video in these few seconds, you will be able to hook your audience for the entire running time of the video.

So, do work on it. For instance, if you are sharing a video on how to use a product? Show the result first and then dive into the video. It will intrigue people, and they will love to see how you accomplished such a look.

5. Make Sure That the Video Evokes Emotions

No matter what type of video you are creating, you need to make sure it evokes emotion from people. A video that only provides facts or statistics is never going to appeal to people. They need a factor that attaches them to the video emotionally. It can be any emotion, like making the video a bit of fun, makes them feel light, which is a plus point for you.

6. Keep Ad Videos Short

If you are trying to inform the people about your product using online advertisement, keep the videos short. It should not be more than two minutes if you want to engage people long enough for them to take action, which can be calling you or emailing you.

To conclude, these tips will ensure you get better engagement. But keep in mind, all good things take time. So, do not expect to see results, the next day of implementing these new strategies.



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