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How To Start a Baby Care Lounge And Ideas? – Business Plan

The Opportunity:

We all know about playschools for kids. What if you ever wanted to go out for a couple of hours and wanted the liberty to go anywhere without your baby? We all know that parents of new born kids also need time alone together to blow off some steam. Or you might be a working mother (doing night shifts as well), and might be living far away from caring relatives. What do you do then? How do you take care of your precious little one?  With nuclear families becoming the norm nowadays, parents are increasingly finding it difficult to cope up with job and taking care of a kid. Herein comes the idea of a Baby Care Lounge. Baby Care lounges are in the nascent phase in India; this has got lots of scope to grow in leaps and bounds in the coming years with proper investment and meticulous planning.

Write It Down:

We cannot stress the importance of writing a meticulous business plan well enough! Having said that, a well thought-out business plan helps to get capital from prospective investors or get a loan from a bank. Hire the services of a consultant and accountant who would help you with the financial details like staff expenses, décor, and place for baby lounge, among other things. Write down your plans for getting investment, sustaining your business in the long run, advertising strategies and how this will affect the economy in a positive way.

Permits, Licenses and Legal Requirements:

The very first step is to check with your local licensing regulations. Certain places require that your child care lounge require a minimum number of staff members.  Be sure that you have appropriate regional license. Compliance with local codes and ordinances must be carried out effectively. This most commonly includes an occupancy permit, along with fire and safety inspections. Make sure to get your place inspected and get appropriate certificates. Above all, make sure you insure your business and acquire liability insurance. Other steps includes registering and copyrighting your business name, getting a centralized identification number and determine what type of business entity you are—whether sole proprietor, partnership, or corporate institution.

The Market:

You can provide baby care facilities to young professionals who are working. Because they don’t have the time to look after their kids as they would like to, in this fast paced world. Weekday facility would be more in demand as that is the time of work in most of the countries. Weekend facilities would be in demand with those who would like to have a quick getaway. You may even consider opening a 24/7 child care lounge, offering specialized care.

End Say:

A business in baby care can be very monetarily as well as spiritually rewarding. Because you are helping in giving a quick relief to tired parents. Market yourself. Invest in adverting. Make use of free online tools as well. Watch your business grow.

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