Being Different can Make a Difference in Business

Like in real life, being different from the crowd in business will make you conspicuous. When your business is different, you attract attention and consumers begin to discuss your products and services. When more people discuss you, your business and the products you deliver come into the limelight triggering a desire among people to be part of the game. To be different is not an exacting science but it can be accomplished if you have the flair for innovating more often than the competition outside. It’s more often because uniqueness is short-lived and someone is there always around the block to replicate it.

The emphasis is on “as frequently as possible” because in a fast-changing world there is always someone lurching around to overtake you with smarter ideas that capture people’s imagination instantly.

How to Make a Difference in Business?

Your business is never different from others if you try to replicate an idea that is not yours originally. Reading a success story and adopting it verbatim is pure plagiarism and chances are that dozens of others are into it already. When you try to hit the market with a copied idea, chances are your ideas will be rejected. Remember that there are no hard or fast rules for being innovative.

Here are a few things to follow if you want to bring the uniqueness in you into the open.

  • Don’t tread on the same path that others have tried and exhausted. Do it in your own style. The first step to take is to study success stories and modify in your own circumstances and context. The path to originality lies in: clearly identifying ideas and opportunities that others don’t see; bringing awareness of the problem to the forefront; willingness to pay and partner with someone to carry forward the idea.
  • Building a team around you that is ready to buy your ideas and work upon it; testing it before releasing the idea into practice; identifying distribution channels that are ready to try your idea out; identifying the competitive edges that your idea offers and finally, monetizing it through proper consultation with experts.
  • Follow your intuition; it is your greatest friend on whom you can count upon when you have exhausted all other venues. Beliefs about intuition vary; for some, it is a mystical power, skeptics think it is all about getting lucky with guesswork.
  • However, a few, including scientists think intuition is a real phenomenon that can be demonstrated in a laboratory with brain scans. There are many gripping types of research that prove working on gut feelings can help to tap the inner powers of the brain. Intuition is something that you can develop and apply the benefits in real life.
  • Accept whatever comes, analyze, and improve yourself. There is no way you can avoid what is about to come your way, but making the best use of what comes is a brilliant way of scaling new heights. If you don’t know what is analysis then this should help.
  • It is the simplest and easiest definition you will find. The analysis is all about breaking difficult to understand complex topics and process into smaller manageable lots and capturing the theme around it. Analyse is almost everywhere; in mathematics, science, and even arts.
  • Follow your yearnings to its logical end. If you don’t have something now doesn’t mean you will never have it for the rest of your life. It is all about putting your desire to work through honest means and efforts.
  • Don’t get emotionally attached to an idea beyond a point. When you are emotionally attached to what you think is the only great idea on earth, chances are that you are closing your mind to brighter ideas and paths. Keep all your ideas open to discussion and criticism.
  • Put your thoughts into action instead of procrastinating. Putting thoughts into action we know is a difficult trajectory to follow and what most non-starters do is procrastinate endlessly by reading books after books and fine-tuning a unique plan. Whether it is right or wrong, put it into action straight away. If ever doubts creep in, appeal for assistance from a professional business counselor.

One major mistake that all first-time and veteran entrepreneurs alike do is in believing that their ideas are impeccable and nothing can go wrong with it. But facts and figures show that eight out of every ten start-ups and what is believed to be unique ideas fail miserably with what they originally thought was a good idea that will take the market by storm. If only entrepreneurs were wise and willing enough to seek professional advisory, most of the pitfalls would have been identified and corrective steps were taken leading to success.

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