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Best Countries to Start Your New Business

 About Business

A business is a link between two people- a customer, the buyer to buy things and a businessman, the seller to sell things. More than the goods, climate, environment or place for a good business, they are the two most indispensable aspects of a business. The customer and the businessman are the two parallel lines that run towards making a good business. But, not all types of business thrive in all places. Besides the basic two points- the customer and the businessman, the environment, culture and climate of a place decide the algorithm of a business. For example, a hot place demands cotton goods and cooling products and a cold place, heaters and woolen products, a hilly place, tea and coffee plantations and the list goes on.

 About Some Important Business Countries

The whole world is divided into different countries and each country into different states. Each country, each state specializes in one business. Sometimes, even one place alone specializes in many types of business. So it is not fair to say a general comment as to which country is good for business. It is impossible to allocate a general comment like this. It can only be said as to which place is good for a particular type of business, under certain given conditions. By analysis, it is found that Denmark rises to the top as a good business centre and Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Ireland follow that. The US continues its five-year slide and Denmark has progressed touching the top of the list as a good business centre. Rwanda, Singapore, or Macedonia also shine as good business centres.

 Factors that Influence These Countries to be Good Business Centres

A high ranking on the ease of doing business index means the regulatory environment is more conducive to the starting and operation of a local firm. Internet marketing also gets a lot of business traffic. The place is also allowed to be as close to its biggest competitor. It is zoned for what the businessman plans. The place also finds a definite recognition of workplace culture quality that a company can survive. The business centre is able to take in external and internal factors, micro and macro-economic details, trend, and context analysis where a business empire can be built.

 About Countries and Work Culture

Denmark has the world’s most flexible job market, where consumer prices fell by 0.1% until January 2015. Denmark has a genuine, unique business etiquette, business dress code that is worth emulating. Danish business is centered on respect and culture. Denmark ensures a businessman’s success when doing business with Danish culture. Denmark puts a proper accent on working hours and mandatory vacation programs. Denmark’s tax rate entices the business industry into its fold. The tax rate is 33.33% if more than 25% of a company’s turnover is generated outside of Monaco. Otherwise, companies do not pay any direct tax on their profits. After various allowable deductions, this results in an effective corporate tax rate of under 10%. The personal Income Tax in Denmark is at 55.60%.
Singapore is a cultural melting pot and an epicenter for business in South-East Asia. The World Bank rates Rwanda as one of the most business-friendly nations. It is an export market. Wishful thinking, that India too shed its 77th position and reach the galaxy of the top business stars.

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