Budgetized Way Of Marketing Your Mobile App – Marketing Business Plans

Budgetized Way Of Marketing Your Mobile App – Marketing Business Plans

Online Marketing can help you reach to audience worldwide. With most of your target audience spending most of the time surfing the internet, having an online presence is absolutely vital. 

Due to the rising number of apps, app advertisers have to work with more specific app marketing strategies to get a user’s attention. The most common problem is getting a customer to retain the app. In 90 percent of the cases, the user downloads an app and stops using it after 6 months. If you get your customer use your app for more than 6 months, its half the battle won. The customers will market your app for you, by word of mouth. It means you have created an app that caters to the specific needs of the audience. Before you create your app, stop and think about what customers will use in the long run. This helps in retaining your customer. Promote your Mobile app like a pro using the following tips.

Pricing Is The Key:

It is true that you might be tempted to price your app on the higher side, but studies show that downloads happen more frequently when there is a drop in pricing. Price it competitively and let the pricing talk about your app. If the price tag is $.99 instead of $1, more people will download it. Pricing is integral when it comes to marketing your app. Or better so, make it free. You can always charge it later, but once the user gets hands-on experience of how good your app is, they are likely to download it for a premium.

Focus On The Content:

Create engaging content to advertise your app. For example, if your app helps the customer sleep better by automatically keeping your mobile on silent mode and waking you up at the right cycle of sleep with an apt alarm tone, you can create a tagline that says “an app that cares for your sleep” instead of “Sleep better by downloading this app.”  Creating engaging content is key.


Blogging about your app is an effective way to reach out to key customers and influencers. Create a blog for your business and make it a platform to advertise your business’s products or services. The blog should usually describe the overall experience behind creating the app and the enhancements which are in store. It’s a way to communicate your ideas to your customers and engage them in your business. Provide a link on social networking sites and see how customers land on your page.

Create A Video:

Make use of vloggers on social sites. Nowadays, even a beginner can make videos using online tools. Consider going to an expert or ask help from a techie friend if you absolutely are clueless about how to make a decent video with a voiceover. With a few handy online tools, you can get a video up and running. Post it on YouTube, facebook and on your blog. Make use of the viral vlogging community and take advantage of it.

Online Platforms:

Make use of online social platforms like facebook and twitter. Consider having a sponsored page in FB. Having said this, social networking and PR—all that stuff is effective, but depends on how well you market it.

Having A Good Website:

The main reason to have a website is to provide an easy way for customers to find more about your business, what you do, where you are, etc. Even in the era of smartphones, people search more on the web. There is a sufficient chance that people will hear about your app Google it. They need to land on a website which is user friendly, effective and gives ample reasons for them to download your app. Remember, there is no need for fancy websites, it just needs to be a simple site that tells about you, your plans and how your app works.

Turning Consumers to Brand Ambassadors:

 If you even manage to retain customers above the 6-month mark, it spells success. That means you have created an effective user-friendly app that is useful, rather than being niche. People always go for those apps which are useful to them. Gather feedback and continuously upgrade your app, so that it enhances user experience. Identify influencers and reward them in form of points or free upgrade.

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