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How To Start a Software Company? – Business Ideas

1. Software Company Scope

For the last couple of decades, the opportunity for software engineers and start-up software companies was awesome. Though the software job opportunity looks diminishing when compared to that of the last 5 years, still the industry has scope for another 3 decades. If you plan to open a software company, then read on.

2. Required Skill

First of all, you need relevant expertise in this field. Before venturing into this business, get a degree in Software Programming (though not mandatory), or get an entry-level job in an MNC where they would hire any person with the right skill and attitude. Learn the skills and develop your expertise in the field. It is important to have good leadership and communication skills. To be successful in the software industry, you should equally good at working as an individual and as a team.

Also, you need to update yourself on the latest trends and updates. As the software market demand will keep on changing you need to be on top of it by learning them and building a team that are eager to learn new things and delighted to work in any challenging situation.

3. Product or Services

Once you have gained the relevant skills, develop a software product which you feel will address the current information technology demands or find a client do provide the services according to their need. Whether you are developing a product or providing a service marketing/business team is a key, so have the best people from the industry or even a lot of consultants available in the market for a competitive price. Make sure there is a market for your product idea.

4. Choosing the Geographic Location

Decide the geographic location you are targeting. The current digital era gives the edge of doing business from anywhere and to anyone across the globe.  Obtain the patent and trademarks for if you develop a product. Make a business plan factoring in your goals, your expenses for the next three consecutive years, your branding and advertising, staff charges, and tax-related/licensing/permit issues. Consult an accountant if necessary. If needed, find private investment, or apply for a business loan for starting your company.

5. Team That Matters

Form a skilled development team and purchase the necessary equipment like computer and allied equipment, data storage, etc. When hiring people for software development, make sure that they are experienced in their field, if they are fresher ensure they are scalable to your business expectation. Make sure all lines of communications are open while developing your product with your team; ensure there are a deadline and prompt delivery.

Try to minimize the attrition, by providing a better environment to work, a salary above industry standard for the right resources. Even you can offer shares for key and extremely talented resources.

6. Don’t Compromise on Quality

Test and retest your product for any possible flaws; hire testers to ensure your product is proper. Make a test run of the product before selling. Get feedbacks from selected users. Gauge its usability, friendly features for the common user, and efficiency.

Besides developing software, testing projects, maintenance projects will pay you well in long term. Information technology is one field that will keep growing and updating daily even hourly. Ensure you are connected and up to date with the market and the latest trend.

Key point – Quality matters. Offer quality to your customers.

Latest Trends in the Software Industry

Big Data
Mobile Applications
Statistical Analysis and Data Mining
Cloud Computing
Market Research
Search Engine Optimisation
Social Media Marketing
Data Visualization
Languages – Perl, Python
Digital and Online Marketing
Game Development
Data Warehousing

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