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Challenges of Being an Entrepreneur

Today, almost everyone dreams of being an entrepreneur.  The ride may sound interesting to some, perilous to others. One thing certainly no one tells about is the loneliness and the depression that comes with it. There are many setbacks when it comes to realizing your dreams. Listed below are some of the many challenges that you might face. Be warned, treading the path of entrepreneurship requires great patience and self-motivation.

1. Take a Scenario

You and your friends take up high paying jobs at an MNC. But something nags you, and you quit your job to pursue your entrepreneurial dream. Your friends think you made a big mistake, and start trying to show what a botch-up you made, and even worse, start belittling you. This happens often. It might prove to be difficult to show even to your closest friends that pursuing a passion of your choice is the right thing to do. Entrepreneurship is often a lonely path, especially so in the germinating and initial phases.

How to tackle this? Join a network of like-minded people to keep yourself feeling high and motivated.

2. Start-up Hiccups

Many people dream of establishing their venture. Oftentimes, their dream comes to an end at the doors of a bank, when they are denied a startup loan.

“Sometimes, it becomes difficult to convince a prospective investor to invest in your venture even if your idea might be brilliant and viable.”

The culprit behind all these remains the same more often than not: lack of a proper business plan document and presentation.

How to tackle this? Consider hiring an expert or a business consultant; it is worth the investment. Visit this link to learn more about how to write a business plan.

3. Depression and Loneliness

Yes, many people might not tell you, but you can become a victim of depression because you are on your own. Being is a social animal, left alone only increases the feeling of agitation for human beings. Loneliness is a deadly predator that needs to be looked out for. You might even find that people are not supportive enough, and you might need to stand a stance of your own.

Ask any successful entrepreneur and he will tell you that he has gone through phases of melancholy. Depression also happens when you have unrealistic expectations, set impractical goals, and compare your performance with others. Remember, it is easy to fall into the quagmire of despair, and should do everything to stay out of it.

How to Tackle This?

Surround yourself with positive people and don’t mingle with the negative ones. Read lots of motivational books and set attainable goals. Never compare your entrepreneurship journey with others. Each and every person’s journey is a unique one.

4. Consider this Scenario

You have started your brilliant venture and now want to establish contact with prospective clients. You have a database; you make calls and send emails. Yet, there is no positive response and it is proving to be difficult in getting a client.

What went Wrong?

There are many factors that could have gone wrong. Often, the main factor is this—approaching the wrong company, or the wrong person in a company. That’s why it is vital to know your client really well before you approach them. Another reason could be improper communication. Analyze your communication skills and familiarize yourself with the industry you are into.

How to Tackle This?

Establish contact with your client before introducing your business. It is imperative to give something in order to get something back. That’s how you network with people. The right mode of networking is extremely important. Maintain cordial relationships and update yourself with current happenings constantly. This will ensure that you have something to talk about when you are faced with a client all of a sudden.

Remember, there is something to be learned from each and every person you come across in your life. Humility and having a positive attitude helps a lot in conquering challenges and emerging a winner. So wear a smile, be confident, and go conquer your dreams!

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