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Ensure People Remember You – Business Ideas

I have heard many entrepreneurs saying things like – “I remember that person”; “I met him/her  in a meeting” or “I met them in a corporate get-together, but they didn’t remember me.” If someone does not remember you in the business world, is that a problem? If I am in that position, then the answer is definite yes; in fact, it becomes a major problem that I have to address immediately.

If some don’t remember me, especially in a business setup, I need to work hard to overcome that situation. If someone doesn’t remember or doesn’t even know my existence, how can I promote my service or product? No one can promote their product successfully if they fail at promoting one’s self. It is one of the major issues which many entrepreneurs share in common.

Don’t worry; there are ways to improve the situation. Finding the root cause of a problem in the business world is a costly process; a lot of entrepreneurs and organizations are spending huge money on knowing why and where they are going wrong.

Just to make it simple –if you wish to expand your business, people should know your business and definitely know you in the first place. Without people remembering you, there is no business for you–straight and simple.

In order to make people remember you:

Create a positive impact during a meeting with a prospective client.

Have a unique and different way of introducing yourself, like—“I am an entrepreneur who wishes to create billionaires.”

Pay real attention when someone shares a thought; make them comfortable when they do so. Encourage them to speak about themselves and their interests. They will be happy that you are listening and they will start trusting you.

Find a common interest; it could be anything like a sport, holiday destination, favorite cuisine, movie, book, hobby, etc.

Have your unique style in dressing, speaking, etc. Ensure that your speech or style is not awkward or unacceptable. Be in touch with your clients, find a way to follow them up. For instance, if they say that they are pet lovers, just call and tell them about an ongoing pet exhibition in your city; resist the urge to present your business first.

Try to help people with your network for their personal or business needs (could be suggesting a good doctor you know and so on), but do those things genuinely. Whatever you do, be true. People will easily find whether you are a genuine person or acting like one to get benefits.

The best way to make people remember you after a meeting, and particularly for a long-lasting association, become a real friend of them. This not only helps your business grow, but your network, which is the elixir for all the entrepreneurs will grow as well. Though it won’t work with each and every person you meet, the result of following the above will surprise you pleasantly. Try it.

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