Online Sites that Offer Free Tracking Services for Indian Parcels, Specifically those Shipped through DTDC

The process of order tracking remains a fundamental pillar in business operations in today’s world, as it is driven by e-commerce and global trade. 

From the second any order is placed through a website to the time it is delivered, it is satisfying to be able to monitor your order. 

The tracking of orders in real-time has revolutionized the operations of businesses.  It has also enhanced the shopping and shipping experience of the consumers.

In this article we will discuss the DTDC Tracking tool and other different websites that offer free DTDC tracking. 

But first, let’s have a little intro about DTDC courier then will discuss the  tracking tools offering DTDC tracking services

What is DTDC?

DTDC – an acronym for Desk-to-Desk Courier & Cargo, is one of the top and leading logistics and courier-providing companies in India. It is a private shipment company in India with its headquarters located in Mumbai.

The company was established in 1990, and is now known as one of the main players in the industry of e-commerce. It offers a huge network of centers for delivery, service points, and various distribution hubs that are found all across India and the world as well. 

Its services include delivery, express mail, and third-party logistics and is considered one of India’s leading integrated express logistics providers contributing over 250 million dollars to India’s economy.

Key Features of DTDC:

Global Reach

DTDC offers a great delivery network both for domestic and international customers. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses and customers individually that are seeking reliable courier and logistics services within India and across borders.

Comprehensive Service Portfolio

DTDC provides various services to its customers. These include international and domestic courier services, express delivery, freight forwarding, solutions for supply chain, management of warehouses, and e-commerce logistics. These allow them to cater to diverse needs of consumers.

Advanced Tracking System

DTDC offers customers a reliable system for tracking orders. It lets customers track the status and location of their shipments. That can be real time through their website or mobile app. This allows customers to stay satisfied through transparency. It also enables clients to stay updated about their product delivery.

Customized solutions

DTDC  provides customized logistics solutions to customers that are tailored according to the needs and requirements of businesses. These can include specialized services for different industries such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, e-commerce, automotive, etc. These customized solutions are helpful for businesses to optimize their logistics operations and fulfill their various challenges.

Top websites that provide free DTDC Tracking tool in India

Here are some websites where you can track DTDC packages for free in India:

Track My Package is a website that provides different tracking tools, including a DTDC tracking tool. Using this tool, users can accurately track multiple DTDC parcels simultaneously, saving them time. It has multiple advantages along with some disadvantages as well


  • Provides valid and updated tracking information of cargo.
  • Access to tracking information is hassle-free.
  • Fetch directly from official records free of cost.
  • Can type up to 10 shipment tracking numbers
  • It provides a download option so that you can store tracking information in your local storage.
  • Accessible across multiple platforms, ensuring you can monitor your packages anytime, anywhere.


  • There may be interruptions in the data updates owing to technical glitches.

Circuit package tracker is also one of the widely used tracking websites. It also provides a DTDC tracking tool. Using this tool, you can find the location or the status of your consignment. All  you need to do is add the tracking number to the box at the top of the home page and then press ‘’Track package’’ and you will get your required information about the DTDC parcel. 

This tool has multiple benefits for its users, along with some drawbacks.


  • Delivery management tool for multi-driver teams.
  • Free of cost for accessing some of its basic features.


  • Limited usage as some circuit tracking tools are not compatible with certain software. is an online website for tracking parcels shipped, including those shipped via DTDC in India. This site has a vast tracking network with tracking tools for 159 different couriers. Their DTDC tracking tool has numerous beneficial features. 


  • Has a history page that retains tracking information for 30 days. 
  • Offers a user-friendly interface making it accessible to everyone.
  • Provides real-time tracking updates.


  • Users can have data security concerns about the privacy and security of their shipment data.

TrackingMore is a tracking solution that allows customers to have cost-effective shipment tracking across India and the globe. 

Their online DTDC tracker helps customers remain in touch with their consignment, reducing anxiety. 


  • Provides easy access to tracking information. Users can simply input their tracking number into the search bar on the DTDC tracking tool to get the latest updates on their shipment.
  • Provides access to additional functionalities such as computational analysis of data related to shipment, order supervision tools, and accurate delivery time predictions.
  • Has a notification feature that provides alerts regarding any change in shipment schedule by email or SMS.


  • May provide basic tracking features. It might lack advanced functionalities or additional services that some users may find useful. 

Parcelpanel is an online courier tracking platform that also offers a DTDC tracking service. Their tracking tool is known for providing the best possible post-purchase experience and guarantees a smooth delivery process. Just go to their  DTDC tracking page and type your tracking ID into the search box. Thirty tracking numbers can be added in a row in it. 


  • Interface appears to be user-friendly with clear steps outlined for tracking DTDC shipments, making it easy for users to navigate and use the service.
  • This tool is used to track documents and packages within no time and free of charge.
  • Has the highest standards for data security and secrecy across the world.
  • Provide a  detailed shipment history serves as a record of the package’s journey which can be useful for documentation, auditing or reference purposes.

Drawbacks :

  • While it offers a 7-day free trial, its premium feature requires a subscription.
  • This tool also has limited functionality as certain customization options are not available for users. provides smooth tracking services for packages in India, including those shipped through DTDC.. If you are looking for a reliable online tracker, look no further than this AI-driven tool that gives users reliable tracking data.


  • Users can track their parcels by simply entering the tracking number provided by the carrier into the tool’s interface.
  • It does not reveal any private data.
  • It is completely free to use.
  • The tool is a time-saving tool as it can track your packages in less than a minute.
  • The tool might offer notification features such as email or SMS alerts to keep users informed about significant updates or changes in their parcel’s status.


  • Has restricted usage as it lacks customized tracking options, which include instantaneous notifications and detailed tracking history
  • It requires stable internet connectivity, limiting usage for users living in remote areas.

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Aftership is a third-party platform for monitoring shipments from multiple courier brands including DTDC. It is a fast and time-saving digital tool ensuring safe transfer of cargo to its ultimate destination. AfterShip is a must-visit website for anyone looking for a DTDC tracking site as it provides multiple benefits to its users.


  • Has space for 50 tracking numbers, facilitating shipment management for multiple packages at one time.
  • Estimates delivery dates that gives a kind of assurance to users that their shipments will reach on time giving them peace of mind.
  • Reliable and protected APIs developed for eCommerce designers.


  • Costly when used for advanced features.
  • Users can face system failures while using this tracking tool.


Shipyaari is another convenient third-party tracking online tool for DTDC packages and cargo delivery in India. 

 This tracking tool is beneficial in many ways. 


  • Gives real-time tracking information of parcel from dispatch to its delivery providing each update every minute throughout its whole journey.
  • Easy to access. You can easily track your DTDC order by using its ‘Track Order‘ feature. Simply enter your AWB and click on ‘Search’. There you have it.
  • Provides detailed tracking insights into the package’s delivery route, liberating its users from any anxiety regarding their order.


  • Limited accuracy regarding tracking information, such as inaccuracies in location information or status updates, can lead to serious misunderstandings between customers and courier companies.

Final Words

 If you are looking for free DTDC shipment tracking tools, these tools work best for you. They are fast, reliable, and, most importantly, free of cost. So, look no further and have your consignments tracked without any worry and money. 



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