Smart business people have long since understood the value of competition as a motivator. Performance leader boards hold a prominent place in sales offices, on factory floors, and in other business environments.

Gamification Explained


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Gamification Explained

Let us take the example of any good video game: Take one of the most popular game for instance, Angry Birds. The main aim and objective in the game is to kill as many pigs as possible by flinging angry little birds at them with a slingshot. With every bird you fling, you get an immediate response. You hear shattering noise upon impact, and grunting from the pigs. You see bits and pieces fly. You hear the angry birds cheer. And you see the points you have accumulated for smashing the pigs. Have you ever thought about why there are so many visual and audio effects in a video game? It’s because all these pieces of response work in harmony to stimulate your subconscious into continuing to play and striving to earn more points by constantly improving your talents in the game.

Put Into Perspective

 Customer Service

Now, let us put this into perspective. Your goal in sales is to generate as much revenue as you can. You work towards that goal by doing lots of things: You cold call customers, hold meetings, constantly improve on your sales pitch by watching training videos about the product line, and so on. In a gamified model, you’d get points for doing all these things. Just made a cold call? You win points regardless of the outcome. Reached century in your cold calls? You earn a badge. Just closed a sale? You earn a gold badge which you can share on social media. It makes work easier for the employee by making it fun and introducing an element of competition and game and drives engagement at the customer level.

 Customer Service

Increasing Sales

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Increasing Sales

So, gamification in business uses game-like strategies to increase user engagement and create fun in the working atmosphere. You can integrate gamified features into all of your products for sales management and customer service.You can even create a gamified website for your company or mobile application, which promotes the site itself, as people share their accomplishments with their social media friends in Facebook , twitter , google plus etc..Realizing the benefits of gamification takes serious thought and planning, and that’s where we come in! You’re unlikely to get much out of gamification just by littering your website with badges and achievements.But if you go into thinking about your productivity which needs a specific set of gamification techniques, then you got it right.

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