Startup Package

Starting your own business from scratch can be scary. Wondering what steps you must take to get your business started? What should you do first? Where should you go? What next? Starting your business could be a tough journey at the best of times–you will likely have a lot of confusion and unanswered questions like:

Which business to start?

Where to start?

What is the success rate of the business?

What is the reach of the brand in the market against the competitors?

And so on.

Our startup package will help you in answering these questions and more. We will assist you in the initial phase of your business so that you’re all set to go.

What is covered under the Startup Package?

  • Business options to suit your interest, budget, and market potential
  • Once you’ve chosen a suitable business option from the list, an in-depth Market Research (Secondary analysis) will be done covering the Business Model, Competitor analysis, Market Potential, Vendor details, Marketing/Branding strategy with recommendations and key takeaways
  • Company naming, Brand image, Branding collaterals (Logo, B cards, Pamphlet/Brochures, etc.) is taken care of next
  • Once the company name and brand kit are finalized, we will assist you with the Company Registration and legal formalities
  • Having an online presence regardless of your business model is essential if you want to succeed. We will build an incredible Website for your business
  • With Digital Marketing, you can reach a vast audience in a way that is both cost-effective and measurable. Digital Marketing is included and will be done for a few months. The timeline will be mutually agreed upon beforehand.

Business Options

Business options are provided based on client’s interest, market potential, CAGR, industries which have potential and demand in market based on research. The options will be exclusive, innovative, and profitable. We help you find your niche and identify value proposition of the product or service and set up a competitive advantage while launching in the market.

Market Research

A proper Market Research before starting a new business will reduce the risks associated with launching a business. It will also help find opportunities in the market. Formulating strategies and determining customer needs can be done with ease. We find the market potential in various aspects of the business option chosen by you and find the target audience. We also help to find the USP of the product/service that makes the product to stand a cut above the rest.


Creating a memorable impression with your customer base is the best way to succeed in business. Branding makes the business reach the right customers and this builds the foundation for coming up with the perfect Marketing strategy. Branding is not just coming up with a logo; it is being able to tell a story and convey an experience.

We help you tell your brand story through an innovative, unique, and customized logo so that your customer can relate with your product/service. The branding kit includes support with Logo designing, marketing collaterals, and creative designs for social media marketing.

Company Registration

Once you’re all set with your business idea and market research, the next step would be to register your business and take care of other legal formalities (PAN, TAN, GST, DSC). Once you’ve decided what kind of business structure you want, we will help you register your company—be it Private Limited, Sole Proprietorship Company, Partnership Firm, Public Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership, Incorporation, etc.

Website Design and Development

A unique and well-functioning website will make your business reach more potential customers. Having a digital presence regardless of your business model is essential if you want to succeed. Having your own website helps with brand image and increases the credibility of your business.  We will provide you with unique website designs and ensure it is functioning optimally so that it runs without a glitch.

Digital Marketing

With Online Marketing, you can reach an enormous audience in a way that is both cost-effective and measurable. Through digital marketing you can promote your business and bring customers to your website. Digital marketing helps you find new customers and retain your existing customers on a global scale.

We will provide few months of digital marketing service for your business, track and monitor all the reports and activities and make future recommendations.

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