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How to Become a Successful Ecopreneur?

Each one of us has a spark within to start a business. It depends on the individual whether the spark catches fire or dies out. The modern world has moved by leaps and bounds throwing up a million opportunities, to be spotted only if we care to look. Today, an entrepreneur can venture into any field that he or she wouldn’t have thought of, or dared to a few years ago.

Statistics prove that around 40% of the carbon emission is primarily from domestic buildings. This accounts for more than what the transport sector relentlessly spews every minute. It is high time we took a moment to show some concern for our environment. Wouldn’t it be a bonanza if one could help save the environment, and make a business out of it too? There are a lot of opportunities where you can start your business on an eco-friendly platform.

Let us look through the available windows for becoming an ecopreneur.

1. Green Marketing:

The very term is suggestive and gives an idea about what needs to be done. Green marketing broadly refers to an endeavor to keep your activities as eco-friendly as possible right from the production to the packaging and marketing stage. More emphasis is laid on not just taking care to leave the environment unaffected, but by making it a part of your business to do so.

If it is a service-oriented business, it will not be very capital oriented and needs very low investment. However, a business like the manufacturing of E-bikes requires high investment and is a great example where the focus is on conserving the depleting oil resources and fighting air pollution, which has reached alarming levels. Scientists predict severe depletion of the ozone layer, given the current scenario.

2. Green Roofing Business:

This is one of the trending businesses set to gain a firm foothold, and capture the market in the near future. Given the devastating effect of climatic changes, the roofs of houses or apartments can be converted to an ‘all-green’ zone containing various plants that yield fruits, flowers, and vegetables. This again is a low-cost start-up, and the investment required may not be too high. Creating awareness through advertising and trade shows should attract a whole lot of customers.

3. EcoCleaning Products:

With the growth of environmental awareness among people, everyone is concerned about the chemical cleaning solvents that find their way down the drain and ultimately seep into the ground, rendering it almost useless. A clever entrepreneur can capitalize on this and come out with chemical-free, eco-friendly cleaning aids. Usage of eco-friendly cleansers is yet to take on in a big way and the market is wide open. All it takes is a brilliant alternative idea that needs low investment.

4. Local Farming:

Several books on diet and dietary habits have had a profound effect on making people ponder about where all the food items that they eat come from. Thanks to books like the 100-Mile diet that gives us an insight into such matters. Today it is easy to start your own organic farm and market your vegetables, or even sell “garden-packs” which is a small collection of seeded plants kept in a tray, and can be grown on the balcony, yielding healthy vegetables. The investment required would depend on the scale of the business.

5. Green Consulting:

The newly created awareness and sense of responsibility that is evident amongst our folks today have strongly contributed towards the creation of an eco-friendly environment. To take it to even better levels, people are willing to listen to and implement ideas. You can start your own service as Green consultants by giving suggestions for the creation of an eco-friendly home.

Suggestions would include the proper installation of water heaters and other such high voltage-intensive equipment, thereby reducing the power consumption that is growing at an alarming pace and outstripping the supply. This is probably one of the best ideas for a creative, eco-friendly entrepreneur that does not require much capital investment.

6. Green Buildings:

‘Green building’ is another concept that can attract people the moment they hear the term as it represents a fantastic idea. Construction companies, architects, designers, and contractors can specialize in green building.

For instance, a contractor might focus on becoming a certified professional; a designer might focus on elements and materials that are the least environmentally destructive. A lot of other opportunities are available and the scope in this area is expected to increase gradually in the coming years.

There are still several opportunities for starting more eco-friendly businesses if only we stop to give serious thought to the concept. The right mix of ideas and efforts can make you fetch more than just money.

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