The Mindset You Need to Become Rich and Successful

How to Become Rich?

I want to get rich”, “how to become rich”, “quick rich”, “becoming rich”, “becoming a billionaire”, “become multi-millionaire”

These are among the most searched items on the internet. Everyone wishes to get rich but very few have the courage and passion for working towards creating wealth. Anybody can dream of being rich; for realizing your dream, you need to go that extra mile. Getting rich is not that simple or that matter, difficult either. All you need is the dedication and lots of smart work.

There may be a number of a business idea but the way to become rich is you should have the right mindset to take the business idea forwards and bring it to fruition. But the billion Dolor Question: How do become rich? Below are the few tips that will help you during your “wealth-building” journey:

1. Enjoy the Journey 

This is probably a very important part of building your wealth. Whatever you do, enjoy the journey. Whatever ambition you have in your life, to achieve it without any bother, you should love the journey. Everyone has his/her ups and downs—without that the journey is impossible. Whatever comes in your way try to be smart and make a wise decision. The decision you took should make you smile in the future. Do discuss with your mentor or read a good book or article. Talk to someone who has already achieved in the field you are traveling.

2. Be with Winners 

Straight on point. One way to become rich is to surround yourself with winners. It is hard to enter the circle of winners—but once you are there and become one among them then you are on track and heading towards success. There is a word in Sanskrit ‘SatsangSat means true and sang means union; connect with people who have a similar way of thinking and outlook as you do. Make a true connection with winners. In simpler terms, network with successful people. Swim with the victors and you will notice the difference.

3. Run Towards Financial Freedom

Don’t fix any numbers in your mind—who knows, you may deserve more than what you planned. To make realistic plans, set realistic targets in your mind. Think big like “My kids should study in the best school” or “Every year, I should go for a family trip to the most beautiful places on the earth” (or to different planets maybe; the tourism industry might be already working to make the tour possible to mars or another planet!)—in simple terms set your goal as financial freedom which means money should help you in living a quality life.

Don’t do anything to just show off or to prove yourself to others. Do things which make you and your loved ones happy and ensure your happiness is not hurting others (ignore the jealous part which you can’t help!)

4. Calculative Risk

The level of growth is directly proportional to the level of risk one is ready to take. That doesn’t mean jumping from a 10-story building or standing in midst of a busy highway will take you to a higher level. Whatever the (legal) path may be or the source you choose to bring income, do extensive research on that field, find proof for everything—don’t accept and believe word-of-mouth information. A basic rule is this—never place all your eggs in a single basket. If your investments or business idea is not reaping the benefit as you expected, you should be in a position to take care of your future. So plan wisely and take that calculative risk.

5. Increase the Source of Income

Once you decide to become a billionaire, you should find multiple (legal) sources of income. Few of the sources may start reaping early but most of them will demand patience. You should keep your head cool and enjoy each and every step of your journey. Sometimes, you might suffer a setback; just repeat this mantra—keep quiet and carry on.

6. Never Compare Your Wealth Status 

Don’t compare your wealth status with people who are below or above your social calling. Once you have decided to build wealth, the only person you can compare with is yourself. If you compare with someone below your social status, your stagnation will start—you might tend to slow down. If you start comparing with people above your social calling, it will create unnecessary pressure, which will adversely affect your concentration, sleep, health, and relationships amongst many other things.

In this article, we are not highlighting any specific source of income as everyone has a different passion, skill, and areas of interest.



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