How to Improve Your Furniture Business?

A furniture business in India is among the most successful businesses if you think about it. Everyone needs furniture at some point or other in life. From big corporations to the tea vendor next door, everyone needs some gear to furnish their place with. Yet only a few furniture businesses succeed, while others fizzle out. Why is it that only a few businesses succeed? What is the formula for success?

Well, for one, the internet has brought about a major change in how people view their shopping experience. It has changed the way they search and shop for their home furnishings. Also, there is no single formula for success. What tactic seems successful for one business, might backfire on your business. However, there are some common strategies you can adopt, like providing quality customer service and offering value for money to improve your venture.

Here are some resourceful ideas that will help in improving your business and steer your sales upwards.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is a highly powerful tool that can help you reach out to a large number of customers. You can make use of social websites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc., and easily trace results. You can choose your target audience and create campaigns tailored to their needs. You could also choose to do email marketing as it can be a powerful and inexpensive marketing tool.

Communicate With Your Customers

Build your customer database and communicate with them on a regular basis. You can choose email marketing campaigns to communicate with them and establish a loyal customer base. Communicate deals and promotions and that occasional sale, and keep them updated with newsletters that they might find appealing, like new arrivals, sales of antiques, etc. This ensures that your brand stays on their mind simultaneously allowing them to keep your contact details handy, making you the go-to destination for furniture shopping.

On the other hand, you could also choose to mail them a postcard, birthday card, or a sales flyer so that your name and contact details remain on their mind.

Stand Out From The Competition

Be bold. Be different. Offer something different from your competitors. For example, if you are a furniture retailer, you could spruce up your interiors by offering a game area for children to play while the parents shop undistracted. Offer entertainment—anything that makes you stand a notch above the rest. You could dress up according to a theme and interact with your customers. Or, you could provide your customers with free food and drinks while their order is being finalized. Small things go a long way in acquiring a loyal customer and establishing a trust base.

For Retailers – Consider Going Online

If you have an offline business, chances are that your name might be forgotten quickly in an era which is dominated by computers and mobiles. People are hooked on their laptops and mobiles nowadays, which is why you should consider taking your business online.

Put a shopping cart on your website, and promote your website through various channels. Offer discounts and perks, like a voucher—something different from other businesses which would make customers flock to your website.

Offer Something Different

Consider tweaking your products—like offering furniture made from discarded items. You could team up with a recycling business and see what you can offer. This way, you could promote your brand as a business which is “green” that leaves a lesser carbon footprint—modern, minimalistic furniture made from recycled products is all the rage, and this is only one side of the coin. The opportunities are endless if you think out of the box.

Customer Service is Key

No matter how great your furniture craftsmanship is, people won’t come to you if your customer service is bad. Connect with your customers, and really mean it. They don’t say that “the customer is king” for nothing. Every good review that you get helps propel your business forward and establish your name. Keep in mind—word spreads quickly, so the better your customer service is, the better your customer turnout will be.

Build Your Network

There are several business networking platforms that have a referral system, which allows you to be in the spotlight of other businesses and thereby get customers. This is especially good if you are a startup company in the initial stages of establishing your brand. Connect with fellow businessmen and attend conferences to learn what’s new on the market. This helps you stay current with trends. Networking allows you to be visible to others.

Know Your Market Findings Through Market Research

Know where you stand in the current marketplace. Market research findings can give you a lot of insight into the needs of your furniture business. It can also tell a lot about the needs of your customer. Doing a proper market research helps determine whether there is any kink in your business and you need to improve your strategy, or if you need to tweak your product and position it in a different manner. There are several market research companies that offer market and data analyzing services. You could approach them to have your business and business strategy analyzed in-depth.

Hiring a Market research Consultant to Mentor You

You could also consider hiring a business consultant company to help improve your business. They will help set up your furniture business plan and present you with ideas on how to start an online business strategy.

Lastly, believe in yourself. It might sound cliched, but it is true. Truly believe in what you can create and watch it succeed. Do not be disheartened, and be passionate about what you are doing.  Successful entrepreneurs often suffer the same setbacks as the unsuccessful ones; do not let disappointment stop you. Keep learning and pushing. Turn your vision into a reality but make sure you get all the information and support you need beforehand so that you are prepared before taking the plunge. If you have a great idea and are determined enough, with the right resources, it might just turn out to be a huge success! is a Market Research Firm in India, specializing in business advisory and consulting. We aim to help people with business ideas and turn them into entrepreneurs and ensure the business growth of existing businesses.



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