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How to Keep Yourself Motivated?

How to keep yourself motivated when you are feeling down and trodden? Many times, you might have come across a dead-end and feel this is the end! Negativity seems to engulf you and nothing much you do seems to take you out of that mode. How do you keep yourself motivated at times like these?

There are lots of reasons why one feels disinterested. Fear might hold you back, the self-doubt that you might not succeed, or the realization that you are sometimes setting up unrealistic goals—the list goes on. Following is a set of “Remind” rules that you can follow to let go of negative thoughts and keep yourself motivated.

1. Remind Yourself Of All The Things You Have Already Achieved

During times of crisis, when everything seems to be going wrong, think of all the things you have already achieved so far. Think of the things you had to go through and the measures you took to get over obstacles in your path. Make a list of the things you did and the result you achieved as a result of your action. 

Think about the positive results achieved through your actions. Write it down on a plain piece of paper and stick it to your bedroom wall. Look at it frequently; it is sure to keep your spirits up during bouts of negativity.

2. Remind Yourself Why You Did It

During times of turbulence, remind yourself why you ventured into a particular business. Surely you must have written your goal. Re-read it and remind yourself why you are standing here today. Count your milestones achieved and revel in the happiness. If you cannot feel happy about why you did a particular thing, then it may be time to reassess your goals and open a fresh page in your book of life. Sure, it is not easy as it sounds, but you can at least take a step towards it.

3. Remind Yourself That Change Is The Only Constant

Changes are only practical in business. Don’t feel let down and wallow in misery when a change crops up. Review your position and act accordingly. Life is interesting as far as change is the only constant. Take life as it is and involve yourself in your life enthusiastically.  Life gets boring only when it gets monotonous, so don’t let monotony dictate you.

4. Surround Yourself With Loving People

Socialize with friends. Surround yourself with positivity. If you feel music makes you feel good, surround yourself with it. Create a haven for yourself. Constantly be with good people and slash down on the negative people in your life. If you want to stay in high spirits, do so with highly motivated people. Staying with positive people is a proven way of keeping yourself high and motivated.

5. Remind Yourself That Ultimately, You Are Only A Human being

With humility comes great respect and wisdom. Be conscious of the fact that you are only a speck in this vast expanse of the universe. Be aware of the blood running in your body and marvel at the fact that you are alive with a beating heart. Sit in a silent room and try to listen to your own heartbeat. Bow your head in front of the majestic power that is nature. Don’t let yourself be carried away by your thoughts.

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