How to Run Multiple Businesses? Here’s What You Need to Know

Multi Business Management 

In today’s competitive business landscape, many entrepreneurs aim to run multiple businesses to diversify their income streams. It is all too common nowadays for business owners to venture into multiple trades. For instance, you may start out with one restaurant, only to end up with multiple restaurants, having an online presence as a motivational writer, speaker, life coach or all three. It is the common adage that when you grow across multiple platforms, you must not only change how you operate as an owner but also do it stress-free.

The larger your business grows, the more difficult it becomes to operate as a one-man team. The mistakes you make will be hard for your business. You will likely commit many mistakes if you don’t remain organized and stay at the top of your game. An entrepreneur who runs multiple businesses comes with extra responsibility and is no joke. Successful entrepreneurs often develop effective strategies to efficiently run multiple businesses simultaneously, showcasing their adaptability and managerial skills.

1. Write It Down

Having a notepad at the ready helps you better manage and organize things. There are apps like EvernoteEditpad and OneNote that helps in writing lists. While these apps might have its own advantages like seamless interfacing that allows you to make to-do lists, collect, organize and share pictures and videos, nothing replaces pen and paper. Crossing things off or tearing off a sheet of paper with tasks accomplished gives a new sense of conclusiveness. Notes are necessary for various reasons and it helps you to keep focusing on your task. Always have a notepad or sticky notes with you when working on one business. When a project regarding your other business pops in your mind, take out your notebook and jot it down, and carry on your current business. This is an effective way of being a serial business owner.

It is not only important to make lists, but it is also important to follow them. It is easy to lose focus and writing down thoughts help you stay grounded and organized. 

2. Don’t Make These Two Mistakes

Sometimes, expansion can nearly kill your business. You have to do it carefully – one step at a time. Two most common mistakes that people make is micromanaging and lack of focus. Losing track of your goal can hit your business hard. Being a serial business owner comes with lots of responsibilities and there should be nothing as losing focus.

3. Hire a Killer Team

The larger your business is, the bigger the team you will need. You need to spend more time managing and developing your team. Focus on building a strong team, with emphasis on the skills each team member has. A solid team is needed, to market multiple businesses to execution – there are no exceptions. Your team will be like manning the fort when you are away; in other words, they will be the frontline of your business. Treat your team with the utmost respect. Be passionate and motivate them. Treat them as if your life depends on it – because your business certainly does. Work as a team together to climb together. This will help expand your energy as well as the time you have.

4. Weekly Reports

As important as it is to have a stellar team, it is also important to stay to top of your numbers. Numbers really matter to a business. Have weekly report meetings – at the very least. There is a reason why measuring results improve performance – it helps you look at the gaps and keep track of your progress. It helps track whether your business is growing or whether there has been a drop off in performance and sales. Have reports did that shows gross and net sales and other data that apply to your business. All these numbers will help your business be better and make a significant impression. Get reports on the numbers that matter to your business the most. This is the best way to maintain control and helps you to run multiple small businesses.

5. Use the Same Physical Location to Run Both Businesses If Possible

Having a central location for both businesses saves on time and resource. It also allows you to be easily involved in both of your businesses, where your physical presence might be needed for meetings and other onsite needs. It also helps maximize manpower and other assets you have for your business.

6. Bring The Processes Of The Two Businesses Together as Much as Possible

Your businesses might be different, have a separate niche, but you can have so much done by combining certain aspects of processes together. Creating a company plan which includes marketing and sales plan and creating tools to manage multiple business and platforms for the same can all be done together. This can help speed up the completion of each process because there is already a template. The format is already proven and in working order. This can save considerable time and effort. Sometimes, depending on your business, you can even combine marketing efforts and strategies. Even if you run more than two businesses that are in different industries, you can still look for similarities in your ventures and provide your central team with further projects.

7. Prioritize Tasks That Needs Your Attention

Give your time to what is most important. Delegate the rest. Learn to prioritize. This will keep your multiple businesses on the right path toward growth and success. All you need to do is get organized, delegate and prioritize what needs attention. Keep a level head.

8. Try Not To Worry About The Small Stuff

Let’s be honest – we have all been there. We all are guilty about worrying about things that don’t matter all that much in the long run. As an entrepreneur who runs multiple businesses, you have to get on with it, stay optimistic in the face of pessimism and continually have backup plans in place should things go awry. Worrying about issues that may or may not crop up can waste your valuable time and energy. You can use that time in taking care of those things on your to-do list, getting more work done and helping your business grow. Don’t let worry become a factor.

9. Bring in Experts to Handle Certain Aspects of Your Businesses

It never hurts for your businesses to have an extra set of hands. You can outsource projects to multiple people and teams so that you can focus on the core of each of your business, rather than try and multitask across your different ventures. Sometimes, hiring a business consultant company can keep your multiple ventures moving.

While managing multiple businesses is not a cakewalk, it can be done with proper usage of resources. The modern business environment encourages individuals with diverse interests to explore opportunities and run multiple businesses, leveraging their expertise across various sectors. Extreme focus is required to build and maintain multiple companies that are on the brink of a growth explosion. thriving. Always remember – one thing at a time. Build one business at a time until you get a solid team in place, then go forth to work on your next business. With focus, energy, passion, and an extraordinary set of skills, you can build an entrepreneurial empire.

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