How to Start a Bakery Business

How to Start a Bakery Business – Free Business Plan

Love baking pies, tarts, and flavorful cookies?  If yes, read further. This article gives sheds light on various aspects of opening a Bakery Business. Winters are here, and baked goods are in high demand. Famous for being a low-calorie diet they taste great too. Today, baked goods form the fastest growing businesses of all times, according to research. This is good news for all the baking enthusiasts!  If you love baking food, this business venture has lots to offer both financially and creatively. You might just consider a career in making specialized cookies, cakes, and other divinely delicious baked goods for birthdays and weddings! The kind of money you make in this depends on your business networking abilities and is usually lucrative.

Decide Your Bakery Menu

Deciding on which kind of bakery you want to open is crucial. Even though baking is only one genre of cooking, but it has multiple variations within it. There is a bakery that sells just baked goods, like cookies, cakes, and pastries. There are some that sell coffee and sandwiches along with baked goods. There are others in which you can have breakfast. Do fiscal research, and analyze the local market where you want to open your eatery/bakery.

Bakery Location

Location and menu are complementary to each other. Both of these aspects have to complement each other. You cannot sell baked stuff where people have taste/inclination towards it. Mostly these bakeries are situated in posh colonies. Therefore, deciding on a location is crucial. Find out what kind of baked goods the people there like. Do a door-to-door survey if it calls for. While choosing your location, make sure it is visible to people and is easily accessible.

Equipment and Employees

Set up the best baking tools for cakes or other bakery items and buy the ingredients necessary for baking. Buy your equipment wholesale, or you might even consider buying them second-hand, but make absolutely sure they are in proper condition. To operate these machines you would need experienced staff who knows how to carve out tasty dishes. Further, you can train them and if required send them for certifications in the latest trends.

Bakery Business Plan

Like in any other business, you will have to make a proper business plan, and carefully calculate the costs of your baking equipment, location, staff, maintenance costs, taxes, possible penalties, profits, and possible losses. Review your business plan with an accountant, and apply for a business loan. Raise the capital if required to open a bakery.

Financial And Legal Issues

Take note of all the food-related safety laws and register your bakery accordingly. You should also attempt to ensure your bakery. Small ways such as these would only help you to keep your mind free from stress and will help you to concentrate fully on enriching your business.

Popularize Your Bakery

There are multiple ways in which you can popularize your bakery. By putting up concerts, musicals, short skirts, or even comedy nights you will draw more customers to your shop. These are fun ways of making your bakery a hotspot amongst people especially youngsters. You must also invest in advertising. Sign up for advertising on the local yellow pages, make fliers and brochures, distribute them to everyone you know, and request them to spread the word.  Be visible online as well through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Online Shopping and Door Delivery

As the demand for door delivery getting increases day by day, without a second thought you should keep your options open for online ordering. Initially, you can consider 3 to 5 km surrounding for door delivery. Based on the demand and your bakery growth, build a customer-friendly team to deliver to a wider area.

Go on, whip up a dream and cater to someone’s sweet tooth. It pays!

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