How To Start a Group Sightseeing Business

How To Start a Group Sightseeing Business – Successful Business Ideas

This won’t require you to invest in large amounts of money. This also doesn’t require a big staff to ensure its smooth functioning.

You can start small, even with nothing except your name. Many people, as tour guides, operate individually and show people around a place if they claim to know everything there is to know about a tourist attraction, including its history and place in the modern world.

Be a Pleasant Guide

 As a tour guide, one must be extremely patient and courteous in dealing with all kinds of people and answering their questions. Providing the guests with a memorable and pleasant experience should be on top of the priority list, because good word-of-mouth will ensure more travelers come to you in future, thereby helping in the expansion of your business.

Decide First

There are various types of tour guides. You can choose the best option as per your expertise and infrastructure. Preparation of itinerary should be as per your choices. Following is a list of the various types of Tour Guide.

1) On site Guide– conducts tour of one or several hours at a specific building attraction, or a limited area. The tour may be given on foot or in some kind of vehicle.

2) City Guide– points out and comments on the highlights of a city, usually from a motor coach, minibus, or van, but sometimes as part of a walking tour.

3) Professional tour guide – well-experienced tour guide.

4) Linguist– A Guide who speaks two or more languages.

5) Driver Guide-Also called as “city guide”. The tour guide drives while guiding.

6) Community tour guide – They are local guides who will also offer local stories/history to amuse the clients.

7) Specialized guide-someone whose expertise or skills are highly unique such as accompanying handicaps or old people while caring for them as well.

8) Step on guide-freelance guides or specialist, who escorts groups visiting from other region and provide entertaining, lucid and informative overview of the city to be toured.

Proper Preparation for Best Results

A start-up of a group sightseeing business doesn’t necessarily involve luxury expeditions. It can be functioned smoothly by a large vehicle – a van, a matador, or a bus. Once the mode of transport to show travelers around is ready, a time suitable and convenient for most passengers. It must be chosen to pick them up from their respective destinations. A proper itinerary must be chosen that covers more or less everything that your guests might be interested in. If you have a big business then you can afford more than a few tour guides, choosing the one who knows most about that particular place to join as a guide will be beneficial for the business.

Market Your Business

To ensure that enough people get to know about your group sightseeing business, your services must be advertised through hotels, travel agencies and tourist pit stops. You can also promote your business among the local crowd through companies, schools and clubs. Online marketing on facebook, twitter, and a personalized website would be great to boost up your sales.

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