How To Start Residential Cleaning Services?

How To Start Residential Cleaning Services? – Business Plan Outline

Well, you will be actually surprised when you hear how much some people can be dirty! Well, bachelors. Being single is a new thing. People are taking care of their careers and soaring to heights (as you will too). And as the workload increases many of them don’t get time for cleaning their houses! Now, these people are desperate. They would readily shell up some moolah in order to get their place straight after a week of working/partying (Whatever, all you need is a dirty place to clean!) Now, this is where you come in with your residential cleaning services.

Targeted at the elite/working class (aka desperate class for cleanup of a household mess) of the human race, what you do is provide your cleaning maid/s for a fee to clean their mess up flat/house. Make sure they are not underage and make sure they are registered and ok to work and that you follow your region’s labor laws to the fullest. We don’t want to end up in mess, do we? Ever watched Two broke Girls? Well, the hot Russian lady ran a cleaning service. Just an example of how the urban class is in need of such cleaning services.

Business Expertise

The first thing to keep in mind while opening this kind of business is that you should know how to clean a home professionally. You may have lots of experience in cleaning your own home, but when it comes to professional cleaning, it goes on another level altogether. Your clients will expect you to have some cleaning experience. Cleaning of a house involves cleaning of the floor, bathroom, restroom, walls, carpets, furniture, etc. You might also want to consider the kind of equipment you may need: vacuum cleaner, brooms, cleaning agents, bleach, acid, etc for these purposes.

Legalities Involved

Do proper research on your area’s required licenses, rules and regulations, employing maids/laborers, what to charge, and insurances. The age of your servants is a major criterion. You must understand that employing underage children (below 18 in India) is a crime. Having proof of their age should be a top priority on your list. Also, you must also get their police verification done. You don’t want to get involved in any police case due to your nature of work.

Advertising is the Key to this Business

You won’t get a thousand calls overnight. Persistence and patience is the key and it definitely will pay off. Advertise yourself in your area’s local as well as online yellow pages. Make a promotional website, ask your friends/relatives for testimonials.

Provide Complete Care

Once you get established in normal clean-up of flats, you can consider giving services such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, after-party clean-up assistance, home organizing services, etc. by providing these services you can ensure complete care for the client’s home. Maintain a portfolio of your work to showcase your creativity and expertise in this work.

Remember, you should earn your client’s trust here. You should be a reliable person, trustworthy enough for the client to leave you alone in their home. If you are employing maids, make sure that they are trustworthy too, as you will be taken responsible for any possible damage.

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