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How To Start a Leather Goods Export Business?

If you are a fashionista then opening a leather goods export business might just be for you. It is an enjoyable business if you have the knack for it. If you enjoy fashion, start a small leather products business where you can design, make, and sell your own products. The leather is one of the best materials available, as it is sturdy, elegant, and stylish. It makes a strong fashion statement and hence is a fashion fad.

Start small from the comfort of your own home. Sell your handmade items to high-end shops. Your items might range from high-end items such as leather jackets, wallets, purses, belts, watch bands, fedoras, etc.

You can design and feature your very own custom leather fashions and sell them, or just choose to handle the items you buy from wholesalers.

Enlarge your business to the point where you can become a wholesaler of leather items too large retail outlets. You can further combine your business with pleasure by making buying trips to top leather manufacturing countries where you can purchase stock in bulk. Once your business grows you will need more space, staff, and machinery (if you are designing the goods yourself).

Staying on top of the latest trends is important for any successful leather business. You will need a stock of those items that sell like hot cake. You will see your business grow and expand if you buy in volumes. This will require larger facilities for storage and shipping, however. You might also want to consider providing repair of leather goods to promote and expand your business further.

The leather is a unique item that is used for a variety of purposes from clothing (jacket, skirt, trousers), to fashion accessories (watch, leather shoes, purse, and wallets), furniture covering, leather bookbinding, suitcases, etc.  It is not surprising to note that this product has a huge market worldwide. Considering to export your goods will only mean taking your business up a notch and becoming an international tradesperson. This only means good for your business if you become successful and are good at achieving your target.

Top Exporting Countries of Leather Goods & Accs

(Value in Mn$)

Hong Kong2033.473348.99

Source: http://www.leatherindia.org

Trivia: East European Countries are some of the major leather producers in the world. India is one of the largest leather goods exporting country in the world.

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