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Local Delivery Business – Successful Business Ideas

Local delivery service is something which almost anyone can start, with no special qualification required. Such a service can be offered to those needing personal errands run (for example, if anybody has forgotten their valuables home and are on their way to the airport, bam! They call you, you go to their place, collect it and reach the airport on time to deliver), or to businesses/companies who need something delivered (be it any kind of raw material, or an important document, or even lunch (a la Mumbaiwala Dhaba service style!).

Business Plan

Although the start-up cost for a delivery service business is small, treat it like any other business. Develop a business plan and executive summary. Find out from your local government what kind of license you need in order to get your business going. Take care of tax issues. Research what type of deliveries you want to do. Identify your target client. Is it big businesses? Or do you want to run a personal errand service? Doing this research would help you in locating what kind of vehicle you need.

Once you have located your target audience and the kind of delivery service you want to run, get your business registered. You can set up a home office. Though take into account, the permit issues. Get everything cleared first. Get your vehicles insured and covered for any issues that might crop up during work.

Grow Your Customer Base

Once you have done all these, make a list of clients who might benefit from your business. Create brochures and fliers for your business. Get your business card printed. Leave your brochures with those whom you think will benefit. Word of the mouth advertising also works.

Purchase a mobile number specifically for business purposes. List your business name and your contact info in local newspapers and yellow pages. Your business vehicle should also carry information on what your business does, and prominently so. This is an excellent way of advertising. Make a promotional page on Facebook. Take advantage of social media as much as possible.

Get Ready for the Real Deal

Lastly but most importantly, have your sender and recipient sign for their deliveries. Since your work involves delivering things, this receipt is quite crucial. You don’t want them to create any ruckus afterward, saying that you didn’t pick up or deliver articles, which might land you in a legal mess. This alone will go into your records and will be proof of your good service. Just create a simple form, which requires them to sign and mention the time.

Hire Employees

Hire employees who are smart and alert. Those who know your city and are smart enough to navigate and reach addresses are desirable in this job profile. They should be friendly and should be polite in dealing with the customers. Knowing English and other local languages would be an added benefit. Your employees are going to be the sole asset, therefore you must choose them carefully.

Tips for a Successful Delivery Business

Before you start this business, determine where your delivery boundaries will be, and what you will charge. Consider the costs of your transportation and the amount of time it will take you to get places. This business needs a lot of hard work and more than that it needs the imagination to secure clients.

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