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So, you have got a way with those brushes and transforming a plain Jane into a beautiful princess? Then a career as makeup artist is definitely worth looking into. As a makeup artist, the startup cost is absolutely minimal. You will need your brushes, an array of cosmetics and your inherent talent and creativity (creativity only in case if you are working with theatre professionals, you don’t want to make a regular client look like a clown).

1. Get Proper Accreditation

The first step to being a makeup artist is get the necessary qualifications. In a country like India, people usually turn to those who have accreditation from a recognized institute. You can consider doing a one year diploma in makeup and styling. Various institutes in India offer the mentioned course.

2. Practice Till You Get Perfect

Practice applying makeup on your friends so that you can develop your technique and perfect your craft. It is only by applying makeup on people with different colored skin, different face shapes, different eye colors, and different ages that will help you develop a breadth of skill so that you can work with a wide range of clients.

Also, Experimenting with different brands of makeup is important. Research about different textures like liquid and powdered foundation, and learn which ones work best on different skin types (i.e. dry versus oily skin). You must also understand the usage of different kinds of brushes, makeup wands, and other tools.

3. Familiarize Yourself with Different “Looks”

In order to get acquainted with various “looks” read magazines, scour fashion blogs, watch films, go to plays, and pay attention to the different trends and styles of face makeup. Most often a client describes a look that your client and it becomes vital to deliver and be up-to-date with the current beauty trends so that you can advise him or her, on what suits them better. Also, learn about day and night looks which may vary from light to heavy makeup.

4. Marketing Yourself as a Brand

And then market yourself; sell your talents. You can make various video tutorials and upload it on You Tube, with a link to your website. This becomes a way to generate online revenue as well. Write a blog, maintain your website, and create aportfolio. Your portfolio allows you to showcase your talents to prospective clients and employers. It should contain photographs of your best work and reflect your unique style and skill. Your portfolio, whether its print or online, should reflect the brand you are creating.

Your most creative work should be showcased at the front so that the prospective clients get an immediate impression of your talent. Have a friend with a good DSLR camera capture photographs of you while doing a client’s make up. You might also include “Before and After” photos of your models for a clear perspective. Another way could be to print business cards and fliers and leave them at beauty salons, wedding related vendors such as wedding planners, bridal shops, etc.

5. Be Prepared, Always!!

Always be ready with useful make up tips. Your clients would appreciate the information. Encourage your clients to book you by making it a very easy process, such as just by sending a message via facebook or just emailing you. Boosting your publicity is the key here. Don’t forget to give your business a catchy name, and registering it, and owning the copyrights to it so that it is uniquely yours and to protect it.

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