Of all Indian Users on Facebook 56 Percent are Connected to SMB

Of all Indian Users on Facebook, 56 Percent are Connected to SMB

Facebook is an American social networking giant with its headquarters in Menlo Park, California. At the time of inception of the website on 4th February 2004, the founding members were batch mates and roommates of Harvard College, namely, Chris Hughes, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, Andrew McCollum, and together they decided and kept the registration of the website limited to only the students of Harvard College.

But later they realized the huge potential their project had and decided to expand it further to include the colleges of the Boston area, Stanford University, and also the Ivy League. After a while, they further opened up their services and resources to include students of other different universities and then included the students of various high schools.

In the year 2006, the registration to the website was opened to any individual who was at least 13 years old, although the age limit also depends on the local laws applicable from where the user is accessing the website.

The name of the website is derived from a colloquialism used for directories and was given by the students of American universities.

After the website was launched globally the fortunes of the founders turned overnight. It became a huge success worldwide and with the passing of time, several new features were added to the core of services. For instance, it started as a project to help students of universities to interact with one another and then turned into a social networking platform and also seamlessly integrated individual interactions with small and medium business (SMB) owners.

The website enabled the small and business owners to have an online presence through pages and engage with their prospective and existing clients. Facebook pages have become an essential part of every small and new business and in terms of India as per a recent statement of Facebook nearly 56 percent of Indian users are in some way or the other associated with a small or medium-sized business.

Therefore to be in sync with time and technology the website has announced to incorporate new and updated features for pages that will help the business owners to efficiently and effectively engage with customers via mobile and messaging tools, taking full advantage of the booming mobility sector.

In a statement, the company officials said “We are announcing a host of pages enhancements that will impact small businesses, plus we are also updating the current international SMB pages number. The pages enhancements will help businesses enhance their mobile presence and introduce new tools for better communication with customers”.

And they further added “Facebook is committed to helping each business achieve its goals. We are making investments to provide the right resources. We have also launched Live Chats, Pages Messaging, Ads Manager app, SMB creative resources, plus educational resources”.

For any business to flourish and progress it requires an environment where the information flows easily and fluidly. Elimination of lags in this flow enables the customers to easily find what they are seeking and also equips them to make the right decisions. Considering this Facebook pages will now enable the businesses to make their information readily available to its customers anytime or anywhere for example by adding vertical-specific sections to a new or also to an existing page to highlight the more relevant information. 

In their blog post, Facebook further shared its point of view and added: “We appreciate that business owners are busy and need to choose the best place to manage their online presence”.

“Today we are adding new features to pages to help the 45 million active businesses on Facebook get more value from them”.

The decision to add new features to pages has been taken on the basis of available statistics which shows that more than one billion people visit such pages every month and it’s an easy meeting ground for business to build and retain their mobile presence and make the most use of the environment where people are spending much of their time.



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