Start A Honey Farming Business

Start A Honey Farming Business – Free Business Plan

So you want to be a beekeeper? Beekeeping and honey production is an ecological way to make money. Bees spread pollen in search of honey and aides in the production of more flowering plants. It requires minimal resources and is comparatively low on investment.

Best Bees for Good Honey

The first step is to know your bees. Find out the kind of bees produce honey. The second step is to buy the bees from an existing farmer. Word of advice – don’t start a honey production business with less than two colonies. Ensure the colony you buy has an egg-laying queen and a good number of adult worker bees. Before buying the bees, ensure the place you are going to keep your bees has a good many flower and honey-producing plants within a radius of 3Km – 8 Km.Sunflower is essential to honey farming, as it is the source of nectar. Ensure that you have a variety of sunflowers nearby.

A Good Beehive-Box

Invest in a good quality beehive; a box where you will house your bees – it should have a frame, division boards, top cover, hive body and a bottom board. You can induce the production of honey by adding empty frames with wax foundation sheets to existing frames when there is no space for the queen to lay any eggs. This is why you should always get a colony with an egg-laying queen – honey is always flowing.

Prepare For Harvest

Harvesting honey includes putting on your bee suit and blowing smoke gently towards the bees to avoid stinging. Select the sealed honey frames and unseal it with a knife. Put the unsealed frames in a centrifugal honey extractor. Once you collect your honey, pack it in sterilized bottles, seal it, label it and it is ready for marketing.

Optimum Weather For Perfect Produce

Beekeepers almost have to base their financial gain through good weather and the harvesting season with the market demand. But one can’t always predict a good weather. This is one thing about which all beekeeper’s worry about. They have more to worry about than crop farmers since they can make up the differences when they get rain and lower climate suitable to the food they’re growing. Beekeeping is more dependent on the activity of the honeybees and also on how well they produce honey. The production of honey can vary as bees produce in certain climates and temperatures.

Miscellaneous Requirements

To open a honey production farm, a few things must be kept in mind. Factor in the licensing costs and documentation procedure. Register your business name and obtain copyrights to it. Find out what kind of equipment you need. The main kind of equipment is a honey extractor. Invest in it. This kind of business can be run as a part-time business. This option is better for farmers who already own acres of land producing bananas, mangoes, citrus fruits, as bees are attracted towards it. A honey harvesting facility should also have shrubbery nearby, hence this option becomes optimal for farmers.

If you’re expecting to thrive in this business understand that it takes a lot of work and a lot of time investment to make this business grow in the long run. Today, due to growing health-consciousness honey as a product has become quite popular and therefore, the prospects for honey business is on a rise.

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