Technological Advancements in Diabetes Care

Diabetes is one of the most commonly occurring diseases in individuals. According to International Diabetes Federation, more than 415 million people have diabetes worldwide. Diabetes innovation has been happening on a large scale since treatment for the disease was discovered.

There has been a heavy advancement in the technologies used to manage diabetes. There are numerous technologically advanced medical devices and diabetes innovation that aim to make the lives of people with diabetes better.

Living with Diabetes: Latest Diabetes News

Diabetes is generally incurable but can be easily managed through a combination of good lifestyle choices and medical treatment. So far, medical technology has advanced and made the lives of people living with diabetes easier through machines that help monitor blood sugar levels, to ways that make it easier to deliver insulin—a regular task that diabetes-afflicted people must endure. Here are some of the new diabetes technological innovations that are changing the way we manage diabetes.

Insulin Pen That Tells You When You Last Took an Insulin Shot

Injecting insulin is an essential part of life for people living with diabetes. Generally, insulin is injected using a needle or simply by using an insulin pen. Some choose to get insulin through a pump.

Companies like Timesulin have come up with technologies like creating a pen cap that tells you how long it has been since your last insulin dose. This cap is currently available in the US.

Artificial Pancreas

This is an FDA approved device meant for those above the age of 14 having type 1 diabetes. In a way, this device works like a pancreas—the organ in our bodies that is responsible for moderating blood sugar levels by pumping out insulin that processes the sugars found in the food we consume.

This artificial device works by automatically tracking a person’s blood sugar levels and administering insulin as and when needed. This negates the need to constantly check blood sugar levels and injections required. This is a huge leap in the arena of diabetes-related technology.

Latest diabetes news has that a lot of start-up companies are into researching and creating different types of an artificial pancreas.

Diabetes-Related Applications

Certain Apps aim to make diabetes care simple, affordable and accessible. These app connects your Smartphone with a glucometer that makes diabetes management easier, and proactively monitor and analyze your results. These apps also connect you to diabetes experts based on your blood sugar patterns.

Other apps allow users to track their daily food intake, the number of nutrients they are getting, along with daily activity, weight & other health vitals. These apps also allow users to get personalized diet charts on their mobile, and get daily health tips and articles.

All these apps have one thing in common: mining big data to fight diabetes. With the new diabetes technologies and medical advancement today, this disease can be properly treated and in some cases, can even be reversed.

Managing the dreaded disease means careful monitoring of numerous things, which includes blood sugar, medication and the impact that food and exercise have on your body system. There are numerous people living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes who are receiving substandard care. These apps aim to leverage big data and analytics to find a sustainable way for patients to better educate themselves. Such apps also help reduce care costs in the long run.

Stockings That Monitor Pressure

People living with diabetes only know too well about foot ulcers otherwise known as diabetic neuropathy. This happens when nerves of the feet become damaged due to continued exposure to high blood glucose levels. This causes loss of sensation as well as ulcers in the feet.

German researchers have developed a stocking that monitors pressure which could prevent foot wounds in people with diabetic neuropathy. This particular contraption uses a cohesive set of sensors that in-turn sends a warning when the pressure on the foot is too high. In essence, it replicates what the nerves of the feet would do under normal and healthy circumstances. A patent has been filed but there has been no news yet. Wannaprenuers can follow new diabetes technology such as these pressure monitoring stockings and tap into the potentials that this untapped market offers.

The Pill That Injects a Drug Directly Into The Stomach

Ongoing research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has uncovered a pill that has hollow needles which can inject a drug directly into the stomach lining. Once consumed, the outer coating of the capsule is dissolved and the needles inject a drug directly into the coating of the stomach. The approach is still in its baby steps, but it could potentially provide another, pain-free and sure shot way to deliver insulin.

Smart Insulin

A smart insulin patch, which is in the trial phase, if proven successful could once and for all eliminate the need for constant blood testing and injecting helping diabetics maintain a more consistent level of blood glucose. The drug will gear into action when blood glucose is too high, and turn off when blood glucose returns to a normal level.

This is still its infancy but could be the next big thing in the coming years.

Google Smart Lens

Google’s smart lens is designed in such a way that it measures blood glucose levels through tears. The data is then wirelessly transmitted to a mobile device for monitoring. Though researchers have conducted human trials, there’s still a long way to go. This device represents a painless alternative to anyone who has spent a large amount of time pricking their finger to test their blood.

Entrepreneurship and Diabetes: One Sweet Market

There are various start-ups in India attempting to beat diabetes and make it more manageable for people living with diabetes by employing new diabetes technology. Several entrepreneurs are seeking to tap into the opportunity given by latest diabetes news and data.

For instance, mobile applications that help self-management and educates users on diabetes helps lower health care costs for the patients and hence reduce overall health care costs resulting from diabetes complications for insurance companies and the healthcare system. So, this is a profitable venture if you know how to do it. Technology is a boon not only for entrepreneurs but also for the patients and the larger stakeholders.

Once you decide that you want to foray into this field, spend as much time researching and developing your product and catching up with new diabetes technology as well latest diabetes news. Spend time marketing your program to doctors and patients. Entrepreneurs must constantly try to fine-tune their product according to the latest advancements and find a way to market, market, market. Think of the patients and doctors as consumers. Consumers won’t automatically come knocking at your door if they do not know where you are or what you do.

Tapping into the wide scope that Diabetes offers could prove to be profitable. Entrepreneurs must explore money-making opportunities just like with any other business. Be conscious of economic realities and conduct well-planned market research. We can help with your market research and build a business plan for you from scratch! Contact us here.



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