Top 10 Qualities to Become a Great Leader in Business

Top 10 Qualities to Become a Great Leader in Business

What makes a great leader? How to be a great leader? How to be an able leader?

This question seems to be amongst the most searched lines on Google.  Whether you have a job or a small scale business owner or a freelancer, you should know how to lead people. Leadership traits are one of the foremost that distinguish a person from others. In today’s world, having leadership skills is vital. Leadership comes with experience and a lot of learning.

The most important thing is to be a role model for others

Follow the rules that you expect others to follow. Earn respect by giving others respect. It’s no use expecting that people will behave the way you expect them to if you don’t be a good role model yourself.

1. Confidence is the Key

Oozing with confidence helps. A good leader is one who has fallen down and learned how to get up during times of distress. A good leader learns from his mistakes and more often than not admits it.

2. Share Your Experience

Experience matters. Talk about it unflinchingly. Be a good mentor and teach others to be leaders as well. Therein lies the true quality of leadership.

3. Dress Appropriately

Dress to impress; power dressing does help. This line goes especially true for great leaders. You are the boss; hence you should be cordial and maintain relationships with your teammates. Snotty leaders are often not taken seriously. It helps if you have a smile and are likable. People will open up to you, and therefore, it will be easy for you to judge their workmanship better and able to gauge the depth of commitment they have towards your organization/team.

4. Be Clear about Rules and Regulations

Talk openly about your expectations. It is important to keep all lines of communications open so that there doesn’t arise any sort of misunderstanding.

5. Don’t be a Dictator

Leave room for other’s inputs and appreciate them for doing so. Ask for feedback and opinions. Do a face-to-face once in a while and get to learn what your team is thinking. Ascertain whether everything is going as it should be by reading their minds.

6. Reward Hard Work

Everyone likes appreciation. Give your employees an incentive to work hard and do it so in a cheerful manner. Also, keep in mind that the workplace should be a happening place so that everyone is motivated to work.

7. Surround Yourself with Other Great People

Think positive and spread positive energy around. Be on the hunt for talent and learn to appreciate it as well.

8. Keep Fear at Bay

Take the occasional risk. This is one of the foremost traits of a leader—that he is always fearless, and learns to keep fear at bay. Take calculated risks and allow room for mistakes. Get out of your comfort zone and keep moving ahead constantly. This will help both you and the organization in the long run.

9. Have the Right People in Your Team

It is imperative that you hire and have the right people in your team.  If they don’t align with the organization’s vision even after enough chances, send them out at the right time as the organization’s culture will be affected. To become a great leader one should learn the technique of choosing the right people.

10. Have Self-Awareness

You should have an inherent knowledge of your own inner self and your emotional well-being. Only by having self-awareness and taking charge of yourself can you be a good leader. Understand your own mental processes and learn to direct yourself. Have control over your emotions, as it will only come in the way of your business.



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