Was E-commerce Overdosed?


It’s not the business tycoons who rules the business dynasty, but the ‘competition’ which rules such and such ‘business tycoons’ in the new business days. Checking out the ‘profitability table’ could be most simple ‘baby understanding’ about the signature of competition. Wreckage in profitability illustrates the stronger definition of the competition in business scope. As far as the e-commerce industry is concerned, the disruptions are evenly distributed on heaven sake.

Streamlining through the internet mantra just offers the ‘temporary oxygen’ for business, but not the final verdict to issues.

Surpassingly, higher the degree of uniqueness, higher the term pronounced ‘profitability’. Thriving competition initially liquidate the ‘uniqueness’ which put up a destructive plan for business counts. We can’t say that ‘inflation dynamics’ has eaten all profits, but the same has some positive connection with productivity.

Need For Uniqueness Over The Curve Of Competition?

For instance, Nissan, Toyota and Hondastand tall as Japanese OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers), which gains its brands through the ultra-superior’ lean production process. Basically, Japanese OEM’s pitches on productivity and quality, whereas the Korean OEM’s pitches on smaller cars productivity and pricing. Meanwhile, the German OEM’s pitches on performance and luxury handlings. Just in car segments, the competition sprouts in different fragmented terms and scales, which shows the ‘ultimate delicacy of competitive pressures’ to industry.

US auto regulations in safety, emissions and fuel economy further add fuel to the timely fire. ‘Scales in import competition’ has subsequently takes out the downward shift over the mark-ups distribution of companies. Irrespective of any industry, the e-commerce industry affects more on the competition.

Are We Charging The ‘Venom’ Through Over Flooding?

Reason behind the ‘drag’ will be the less capital intensive and availability of third-party suppliers for logistics and distribution. Internet economies have lot numbers to fight towards the competition in the e-commerce industry.

Absolutely, the corporate profits get escalated when compared with 90’s state.

As per the Forbes estimates,  top 7 tech giants which holds prominent share in the last 10 years’ experience out the deep pressures in the maintaining the ‘share momentum’.

Increased ‘head- to- head’ competition across the super segments of the e-commerce industry will pluck the profitability in the long run. Still, e-commerce considers the pavement of industry as a ‘growing battlefield’. Almost e-commerce firms breathe better due to the parallel increase in the ‘opportunity base’. Natural balance between the demand and ‘flock of competitors’ happens as of now, but things will intensify as calamity soon.

Are We Killing The E-commerce Resurrection?

 Radical changes in ‘last mile’ connectivity in commerce have completely accelerating the e-commerce industry in ‘green lighting corridor’.  Essence of ‘opportunity’ in the e-commerce industry lies exactly on ‘doubling, tripling and quadrupling’ of the ‘last mile’ market. More and more techies convert their business proceedings into the e-commerce ventures for ‘quicker profits’. Indian and Chinese market will be the ‘golden egg layers’ due to the huge population and high disposable income disseminators.

Failure of the ‘ brick and mortar’ models in the sense of ‘ offers’  and ‘ customer satisfaction counters’ will be the reliable sourcing for changing the landscapes of the e-commerce industry. Probability of holding internet options and taking globalisation seems to be common for all competitors, which too enlarges the ‘break-up’ on opportunity scales.  Not only the European nations, but also Asian nations tend to accelerate the ‘market entry chances’ for start-ups especially in the e-commerce industry.  For example, Indian government offers tax rebates and 80% cost slashed for patent registering for the technical based e-commerce start-ups.

Derailing Of ‘Return Pattern’

Replications of the innovation being ‘fare easy’ in the industry have also adding up the ‘competition breath’ in the market. Lack of addressing the opportunities to the ‘wannapreneurs’ by every industry could be the basic fallout for ‘over flooding’ and ‘profit disparities’ in the start-up industry. Over- flooding to any respective industry will ‘dig the hole’ on its own within short tenure. Creatures on the sustainable drives will apparently cure the disease on temporary shuttles and not anymore. Respective governments should evenly distribute the ‘opportunity chart’ in every subset for uniformity and higher returns with profitability for any start-ups. Such overcrowding will ultimately intensify the rate of ‘start-ups failure’ in the deck. Fragmentation levels should be tapped for upward curve growth in the business industry or market.

On the whole, some industry has ‘bigger basket’ to carry with huge profits and long term value. But, more start-ups and termed companies jump for the e-commerce industry to have ‘pizzas’ of small shares just because of over-flooding.

International trade has rapped out some sense towards the competition in connected market or industry. Subtly, Indian e-commerce industry facing the price war to capitalise the consumers, which completely changing the profit sheets from ‘green to red’. Being tiny in the e-commerce industry could not make wonder just because of over flooding and price war. One thing great about e-commerce is the non –availability of the intermediaries, which extracts the attraction of the customers.’ Walled gardens’ are usually referred to the powerful platforms that take the moment of surprise and attracting the customers for the corporates.

Unless ‘turnaround’ innovations are plugged for the play, nothing could take the industry in the ‘bright green’ in the channels. Even more awareness on ‘clouding’ across e-commerce and profitability drop will apparently shift the gear towards the ‘win-win’ pattern.

Don’t make out queues in e-commerce, unless you have queues of ‘big bang innovations’.



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