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How to Start a Wedding Cake Business?

Love baking cakes? Well, why not consider a wedding cake business? The starting cost for a wedding cake can range from a measly 3000 rupees and can go on to lakhs, depending upon the kind of cake and the customer.

1. Exceptional Baking skill

Starting a business of this kind will require exceptional baking skills. Get an accreditation from a recognized institute. Practice baking at home for friends and family. To be sure that your cake is delicious you should keep on practicing and sharpening your culinary skills.

2. Innovation and Surprise Element

Apart from the good baking skill, you should give your customers a reason to invest in your cake. Get decorative with your cakes, make it unique. Attend a designer baking class and start baking for loved ones. This way you will not only make your baking skill better but can also build a portfolio in the process. You can consider the option of giving customized flavors and decorations.

3. Building the Menu

The next step is to build a menu and pricing the cake. This is the most important part. Make your own unique flavors; no one wants to buy a butterscotch cake, and pay an arm and a leg for it. When people are ready to shell the notes, they want to make sure that the flavor is unique too.

4. Cheap and Best Raw Material

The next part is to buy all the ingredients required to bake a fancy wedding cake. Ensure you are buying wholesale, to reduce the material cost. But never compromise on the quality of raw material. During the initial stage try to buy raw material from different suppliers, then you can finalize the best quality raw material supplier based on your experience. Some time you may need to buy different ingredients from different vendors, do spend quality time doing research on raw material suppliers.

5. Wedding Cake – Business Plan

Draw a business plan and include all the costs of renting, or buying a space for your baking unit. The next step is to buy the equipment. Remember, these kinds of bakery need industrial equipment and might be costly. Incorporate that into your business plan. Also include licenses related to fire safety and food safety. Business plan will also help you to find the right investors or business loans for your startup.

6. Building Your Customer Base

Building a relationship with wedding caterers, planners, florists and those in charge of wedding halls and grounds is a sure shot way to build your business even though it might mean splitting some of your profit amongst them. Once you become established, you can run a wedding cake bakery independently. Although still, you would need to keep in touch with all the wedding-related vendors, once money gets flowing, it doesn’t really matter, since, for a successful business, you need to keep all channels open and flowing.

7. Finding Clients Online

You can begin by placing ads on Facebook and Google+. You can also try out the new phenomena of advertising on various food search engines like Foodpanda and Zomato. These engines deliver exact details of the food joint along with a detailed menu card, some pictures of your shop and product, and comments of customers. You can create your own website to showcase your cakes’ pictures. By linking all these online advertisement sources your sales are destined to increase by many folds.

8. Retain Your Clients

Weddings are family affairs. For a parent (of the groom or bride) and for the couple as well, it comes only once in a lifetime. A wedding cake is like a celebration of a life-long commitment to happiness and companionship. By delivering a delicious cake at their wedding, you will only add to the auspiciousness of the occasion. They will thank you throughout their lives. They are the ones who will remember during other weddings in their friends and family circle for your special wedding cakes.

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