Wedding Singer Business and Idea

Wedding Singer Business and Idea – Start Your Business

If you love weddings and are a great singer, consider combining your passions by learning how to become a wedding singer and start your own business. Weddings are big business and brides always want to find the perfect flowers, the perfect dress, and the perfect entertainment. Their options for entertainment typically include DJs spinning old standards and bands with questionable singing talent.

Starting a business featuring your singing talents or that of singers you hire can turn a mediocre wedding reception into the talk of the town..The bonus? There are absolutely no startup costs! All you need is a list of referrals and resources and the perfect scenario to pitch in your talents. You will need to tie up with musicians. Although the current market trend for a wedding singer is not much demanding it is seeing a climb in recent times. By the time wedding singers are hot in such dos, you will already be established and a trustworthy name in the business.

The Client Base

What you will need is a target audience/clientele. Make a thorough geographical search and advertise yourself accordingly. Have a niche segment in mind? Distribute your fliers there. Invest in fliers and brochures. Make videos of yourself singing and upload it on YouTube. Monitor your comments and likes and project yourself onto mainstream media. Garner positive comments by requesting your loved ones to do so. Listen only to positive criticisms. You might even consider going to professional music classes. Try to study music under an established signer, this sets up your reputation. You must also make contact with event planners and wedding coordinators in your area and ask them to refer their clients to you if they’re looking for a singer for their wedding.

Prepare Well

It’s important that you know a wide variety of songs and knows what songs are most popular at weddings. You will meet with the wedding party (usually this is the bride and her parents) to discuss a playlist well before the event. You should have a list of all the songs you know well but be open to learning new songs if the bride requests songs, not on your list. Also, you must also upload videos of your previous performances at weddings to conceal your current deal with the bride’s family.

Few Tips

The good part about being a wedding singer is that weddings will always need quality entertainment and the start-up costs are very low for you to start this venture. You can hire singers to work for you to share your work. You can easily run this business part-time since singing will be your passion and it won’t take much of your time. Next, you might want to establish a connection with bands, where they need good singers. If luck is your way and you find a music band, this sets your career in establishing yourself as a singer.

Make sure you choose a good band and don’t compromise on value and quality. As your reputation grows, so does the money. One gig fetches as close to as 50,000 Indian Rupees. And this is just the tip on the iceberg. It’s rewarding to provide lovely entertainment for a wedding party since your performance is going to make the couple’s memories much more sweet and memorable.

Sing away!

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