What is a Clubhouse and How Does It Work?

What is Clubhouse?

In the past couple of weeks, the recent talk everywhere is all about clubhouse! It is a must-have latest social networking app trending online. It is an intriguing platform where people can chat, share stories, and exchange ideas through their voices.

Yes! It is entirely an audio-based app! So imagine what if you can listen to people talk and it’s just legal? And it is not creepy because people want their conversations to be heard. Also, you may be allowed to join their conversation as well. Simply call it an audio-chat social network.

So clubhouse was initiated in the US in March 2020. Exclusivity is what makes clubhouse a unique app in social media. The limitations on invitations have gained a lot of attraction among business elites & entrepreneurs.

Also, as the clubhouse is a voice-only app and you don’t use your camera, there is no much worry about what you are wearing or what you are doing while you talk. You can use the app while you are doing something else. It’s just going to be your voice, no texting, it’s kept plain & simple!

Does Clubhouse Work on Android? 

The Clubhouse is now available on both Android and iOS. It got launched as an iOS app last year and rolled out as a US-only Android app during early May. But now the Android version is available worldwide.

In less than two weeks, the download count of the Android version crossed 1 million. So if you are still wondering – is it a clubhouse on Android? Definitely Yes! You can go ahead and download clubhouse right away! And regarding the clubhouse website, it is joinclubhouse.com which is only a pointer to Google Play & the Apple App Store. So the app is the only way to participate or listen to audio conversations.

The Clubhouse has gained a lot of attention from World’s top leaders like Tesla CEO Elon Musk who joined the Good Time Show in the Clubhouse app and discussed Mars. Also, Bill Gates had a great conversation about intriguing topics in Clubhouse. With so many celebrities popping in, Clubhouse went highly popular.

From 6,00,000 users, Clubhouse has crossed 10 Million active users. With its growing popularity, innumerable brands are getting more curious about involving Clubhouse in their marketing strategies.

How does Clubhouse Work?

Clubhouse, being a place to talk, meet, and share ideas, is pretty much basic. You can create & join ‘rooms’. like a conference call. You cannot shares videos, pictures, or even text. So all you can do is talk! Also, users can join or leave the room as they like.

When you open the app, you can view a list of rooms and also a list of who is in each room. You just have to tap on the room to join – they are just open to hopping in or out! Primarily, Clubhouse wants its users to explore varied conversations.

How to Use Clubhouse?

You can enter a room as an audience and if you are interested to talk you will ‘raise your hand’ and speakers can choose to invite you to talk. Often, Clubhouse rooms are hosted by celebrities, experts, journalists, venture capitalists, and so on. Also, you can create a room of your own. 

How to Join Clubhouse? 

It invites only and anyone who wants to join Clubhouse has to be invited by someone who already has a clubhouse account. Meanwhile,you can download the app and reserve a handle by putting your name on the waiting list. You simply have to wait!

While there are many active social media platforms, this latest trending app where celebrities & tech giants are marking their presence is sure to become a major platform for business owners & marketers.

Let us discuss some of the benefits:

Connect & engage with professionals inside and outside your industry

Expand your network. Opportunity to connect with great leaders

Content is not produced. It involves high-value conversations where one can gain immense knowledge

Become an expert & start gaining followers

So we have discussed all the key points about Clubhouse! You are sure to get some real-time social experience with Clubhouse’s social media android app. Clubhouse audio app download is easy! Do not miss downloading the clubhouse social app & enjoy real conversations!


What is the purpose of a clubhouse?

It is an audio-based social media app that allows people to talk & share their ideas. It’s all about interesting conversations!

Is clubhouse a dating app?

No, Clubhouse is not a dating app. It is a social media platform where users can talk & share their views on a topic.

Does clubhouse cost money?

No, you don’t have to pay to use Clubhouse.

How do I use the clubhouse app?

You can choose a room of interest & you can raise your hand if you are interested to talk. Speakers will choose to invite you to join their conversation. 



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