Automobile and spare parts

Automobile and spare parts

How To Start a Automobile Spare Parts Business – online business ideas


Starting an Auto Parts store is a fulfilling way to make money. First, you help the environment by preventing used automobiles and affiliated parts/accessories in ending up in landfills. Secondly, you help people who can’t afford to buy expensive or new cars in keeping their automobiles in effective working condition. Thirdly, you make money. Read on to cash in…


The Business plan

Make a business plan and include in it how you are going to find the raw material in order to start your business. Factor in the local competition as well as set your target audience. Don’t forget to write down the pricing specifics. You can consider selling the automobile parts or do the bodywork of the car. Whatever it is, do some proper research before venturing. Pay attention to licensing requirements in your area. Get the TIN number as well as well as the CIN number for your business.

Locating your service station

Identify the geographical location for your business. It needn’t be at a very visible area as long as you have produced excellent marketing and advertising strategies. Keep in mind that the space required for opening an auto part garage is phenomenal. You would require at least an acre of space.


Get the right parts

Next think of where you are going to get your spare parts from. Are you going to scavenge it from hawkers? Or are you going to approach a car manufacturing company to buy slightly dented or scratched pieces at half the rate? Purchase a wide array of car parts, hunt for parts which are in demand; you may also consider in investing in expensive parts and those which are necessary, those that you know people would want to buy. Don’t miss the opportunity when an entire scarp vehicle is up for sale at throwaway price, you can break it down and find many useful parts.


Set up your business office

You will need general retail and office supplies such as computers, fax machines and a cash register. It is also recommended to purchase inventory software to help keep track of the parts you have coming and going. At this time, you should set up a sign on the exterior of your business that highlights basic information, including your business name and telephone number. Also, set up contract database with other used auto parts dealers. This is the network that allows used auto parts dealers the ability to get used parts they do not have in inventory. You can also list your available parts through the service. Having this service is crucial; you risk losing business if you cannot secure a part for a customer.


Online sale

A way to boost your sale is by creating a website which includes a detailed description of each product including photos, specifications, measurements, recommended uses, materials used in manufacture, pricing, and other relevant information. Other critical information to include in the web pages are shipping policy, terms of sale, refund and return policy, and other relevant information such as a privacy policy. Make sure to ensure the website remains clutter free, with the user able to locate what they want easily. One good tip is to categorize the products into replacement parts, performance parts, custom parts, models, and other relevant groups.


Advertising your business

The key point to do in order to help business grow is advertising; place ads in yellow pages, local classifieds, have tie up with car mediators; create fliers and brochures and leave it with potential customers. Word-of-mouth advertising also works. Constantly salvage car parts and sell them in order to build your business.

Happy Salvaging!
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    i want to do all indian car spare parts business

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    Hey I want to go into automobile spare part manufacturing kindly advice .

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