10 Most Popular Franchises In The World

10 Most Popular Franchises In The World

Franchising has been the saviour of free enterprise for business. It has been the most efficient method of chaining stores. Moreover it’s more advantageous than being in business on your own, as that involves heavy investment. With the culture of franchising becoming popular all over the globe, let’s know about some leading franchises around the globe at present.


7-Eleven is a pioneer in the convenience stores business and has its headquarters in Texas, United States. This well-established convenience store has got branches all over the world and is also leading petrol suppliers. They are the largest petrol sellers in Australia.

Pizza Hut

Needless to say, Pizza Hut is one of the top Pizza restaurants in the world. It is a subsidiary of “Yum! Brand”, the world’s largest food company in the world. Pizza Hut was founded in 1958, and now has over 12,000 restaurants around the world over in 94 countries. The firm was renovated in 2014 after its sales went down for two years since 2012, and from then, the company never looked back.


Subway is also an American fast food company, and its parent company is Doctor’s Associate Inc. The firm concentrates primarily on salads and sandwiches and is rated among the fastest-growing franchises in the world. In 2010, Subway overtook McDonald’s as the “Largest fast-food chain” with 33,749 restaurants worldwide.


Kentucky Fried Chicken, popularly known as KFC is regarded as the second-largest restaurant chain in terms of sales.KFC and Pizza Hut are sibling firms as they belong to the same parent company, Yum! Brand. KFC was established with the idea of introducing pressurized chicken in the mid-1960s. Though it had some slips in the 70’s and 80’s, the restaurant is a giant in the industry today.


The brand known for its quick service to its customer, founded in 1950 by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald. Now, the firm is world’s largest hamburger fast food restaurant in the world. McDonald’s has its headquarters in the United States, and now serves 68 million customers across the world every day.McDonald’s is the second largest employer in the world next only to Wal-Mart, with 1.9 million employees.

So far we saw about the established franchises around the globe and now we’ll get the lowdown on some of the fast-growing franchises in the world.

Hampton Hotels

Hampton Hotels is a premium group of branded hotels that mainly targets business people and leisure travelers. Hamilton hotels, in 2004 had a renovation camp around the world promoting “Make it Hampton” updating at least 5 features of the hotel. Currently, the Hampton Hotels group is the largest franchise in USA.

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is a fitness gym that was opened for working out around the clock. The most striking factor of this gym is that it is open all 365 days in the year. Moreover, Forbes has listed Anytime Fitness as the fastest growing fitness club in the world. It has around 2500 franchisees around the globe.

Jack In The Box

This is a drive-through burger restaurant in America found in 1951. These restaurants mainly concentrate on hamburgers, sandwiches and other snack items such as egg rolls and tacos. The restaurant is on an expansion spree and is expected to increase its franchises from its current 2,200.


Servpro is a unique concept of franchising. The concept is based on extending fire and water clean-up and restoration services. This concept is fast spreading in The United States of America and is all set to capture franchises all over the world. The “Entrepreneur” ranked it as the #7 bankable franchise opportunity and #1 in the Restoration Services Category.

India is turning into an economic hub for Global investments and has many international entities embarking on the corporate scene in India. There are many other franchise options left and you can also smartly bank on those franchises.



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