Poultry Farm Business

Want to open a Chicken farm for selling meat but don’t know how? Fear not ! We’ll take you through some of the basic steps for opening a chicken farm. Chicken in India is the most popularly consumed meat. Popular especially amongst young generation who prefer lean meat over red meat, chicken in India has a huge market.

Well, considering this, opening a chicken farm might seem to be rewarding. Well, yes, it is.  But the competition is also on the higher side, as one in ten shops is a meat shop where you can find chicken.

1. The First Step

First of all, you need to decide what kind of business you want to do- whether you want to raise your chicken for meat or for eggs. Once you have identified whether you want to raise your chicken for eggs or meat, you buy broiler chicken or layer chicken (for eggs). You may also consider incubating the eggs which are not for human consumption, i.e., hatching the chicks and selling them to be reared as broiler or layer chicken.

Chicken farming can prove to be very productive if you properly lay out a plan and business objective to identify your goal.

This kind of business has multiple sectors into which you may dive according to your financial capabilities:

  • Chicken reared for eggs
  • Egg incubation and later selling the chicken to bigger farms to be raised as broiler or layer chicken
  • Chicken butchering and relate
  • Chicken reared for meat: broiler
  • Products (like cold cuts, salamis, and other processed chicken meat)

2. Rearing Chicken and Converting Them to Finished Products

This kind of business will need elaborate machinery and investment. It is important to have land and capital for this kind of business, as your chickens will need a whole farm to themselves. You can also consider contract farming. That is, rearing chickens for established Chicken farming organizations for a commission.

One should also hire people involved in doing research for newer meat products as they would not only bring out new products but will also have in-depth knowledge about various hygienic standards to rear chicken. It is also extremely important to get your poultry vaccinated.And needless to say it requires thorough knowledge about the same and most important, proper licensing, to carry out this business.

3. Make a Decision How to Best Raise Your Chicken

There are basically two ways to raise your poultry. In the conventional systems chickens are confined to barns which are temperature and photo-period controlled areas. Free-range systems allow your chickens to have the natural run of a farm to be as natural as possible.

4. Find a Niche Market

 If the area you are opening your poultry farm is popular for raising chickens a certain way (more conventional than free-range), you must opt to pursuea niche market that will target the consumer’s interest in free-range chickens rather than the conventionally-raised ones.

5. Advertise Amongst the Potential Customers and Consumers

Advertise your poultry farm by simply letting other people know you have eggs or meat you want to sell. Often selling by word-of-mouth is a lot cheaper and still the most popular means of advertising. As an alternative, however, you can advertise through pamphlets or by setting up a website promoting the products that you cater from your poultry farm.

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