3 Important Elements of Business Plans You Cannot Ignore

If you are about to step into business for the first time and you need to raise money and conscript investors, you will need to write a professional-class business plan. A well-written business plan will lay threadbare what your business is about, who is going to drive it, your experiences and anything and everything that will show you in a good light. The most important point will however continue to be the financial details. We will personally recommend that it be written by a professional with years of experience. Our services to first-time and seasoned entrepreneurs looking for the best business plan in India is legendary and it has helped them to raise resources.

Content for Business Plan

We don’t really need to tell why business plans must be well written. To remind you again, we will say the best business plan in India should elaborate and convince investors, bank loan officers and in some cases for obtaining licenses and approvals from governments. Basically, it will contain information on: products and services, financing pattern, public equity participation, project investment, short and long-term expansion, phased manufacturing proposal, foreign collaboration & financial participation and scores of other information that allow stakeholders to arrive at a decision favourably.

Writing a Business Plan

You can never compromise on writing a good business plan because it is the document that is going to speak for your project. Here are some elements of the business that you need to emphasis more than others.

 1)Products And Services Proposed In The Project:

 Here discuss the products and services your business will be selling. Don’t forget that projects and services that are unique always receive attention over run of the mill products. But that is not enough; more importantly you have to establish that it is marketable. Do thorough market research accompanied with field studies. More importantly, your market research must establish that there will be enough buyers to make your proposal viable.

 2)Establish Financial Viability Of The Project:

It is a fact of life that not all projects can be implemented even though there may be a good demand for it. More importantly, you should be able to prove that the product or service is practical to manufacture or deliver using currently available technologies or processes. Further, it should be established the product or service is affordable to make it fit for marketing. Over this, you also need to establish that you will still be able to make a profit or add value to investors’ money. This you should do by producing elaborate financial statements.

3)Project Profits Prudently

 Remember that investors are not philanthropists and that they will expect their money to grow reasonably well. This is also true of bank loans – they will definitely want to be assured that their money is in safe hands will be repaid with interest and on time. Be honest with yourself in making financial projections. Projections that are unrealistic tended to get rejected.

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