Publicity: The Advantages for Businesses

No business can live without publicity. A well-publicized business is able to sell products and services, capture a vast market, and help to raise funds for expansion projects. This is especially true in raising equity funds and soliciting private investment. Yet another reason to seek publicity is to give itself a big advantage over its rival competing companies. Talk to marketing consultants in India and they will be able to tell why publicity is such a valuable asset for businesses and how it can be used in your context.

Here are 3 advantages that businesses can leverage by using publicity as a tool:

1. Publicity is Cost-effective

The principal ways in which manufacturers and marketers promote a product is through advertisement. But advertisements don’t come for a song – radio and television advertisements are charged by the second and unless your business has a pan-India presence it can add to your products’ distribution cost disproportionately making it uncompetitive.

Publicity can give you a helping hand here in that you can reduce the frequency with which you advertise to save on distribution costs. The internet is a great place to seek publicity, especially on social media.

2. Publicity Promotes Products

What you achieve at enormous cost through advertisement can be achieved by publicity for your products. This we call campaign and is usually handled by marketing consultants in India. It can be a door to door publicity or getting your products to be discussed by the public.

The best way to get positive publicity is by arranging a public event. Some typical examples include organizing a rally for a social cause, doing a charitable act, or even conscripting a mega-celebrity to attend an event you organize. Though celebrities will not want to risk endorsing your product, remember that their very presence is enough to get you enough mileage in publicity. To take this further, you can engage a marketing consultant in India to give the best mileage.

3. Publicity Helps Funding

Any growing business needs to expand constantly and you cannot be an exception to this. Traditionally, businesses had depended on banks and large investment firms for finance, but there is a better way out for businesses if they are able to leverage publicity to its fullest extent.

A well-publicized company will find it easy to raise public equity and the advantage of public equity is you don’t have an investor breathing over the neck and asking questions at the drop of a hat. Publicity comes in many hues and colors, but you should take care to see that your company is not shown in a poor light. Plan for this with marketing consultants in India. It is a strategy that works.

Publicity is a double-edged sword and we recommend that you exercise extreme caution. It can backfire on you. Professional marketing consultants in India can help you plan a strategy that will work without harming your business interest. We insist on caution because wrong publicity is difficult to undo and expensive to put it back on the rails.



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