5 Blunders Employers Make While Hiring Process

Interview Pitfalls for Employers While Hiring

There are many parameters that influence the growth of an organization. Among all the top aspect which directly impact the growth is the quality of people who are part of the organization. Every organization interested in hiring the best minds for them, but there are a lot of practical challenges that affect the right recruitment. Below are the five blunders most of the employers make while hiring.

1. Hiring at Random

Right recruitment demands the management or the department heads to have the most clarity about the organizational chart. In most of the cases, employers jump to the conclusion that we need a resource for a said position.

So, before getting into action first understand the organization structure and analyze whether it is really needed to recruit for this position now or it can be managed with the existing team. Once you are sure there is a need for recruitment, prepare a clear job description for the role, and list the activities the new resource will perform for the next 6 months. This will help to hire the best and right resources for the organization. Candidates also can use scrape indeed resource to find suitable jobs based on their skills and interest.

2. Not Showing the Real Picturing During Interview

During most of the recruitment, the employer will be under tremendous pressure in recruiting the resource as the delivery timeline committed to the customer is nearing or a certain goal of the organization is kept pending for quite a long time. In this scenario, the recruiter will be in a mindset to somehow bring them on board, so they won’t share the real expectation, company policy, culture, etc. This will end up in wasting the time of both the employer and employee. Once the resource joins, if the expectations are not met they will leave and vice versa.

So, hold the pressure of recruitment. Always do share the real expectation like targets if any, the office timings, date of salary release, appraisal process, and duration, etc.

3. No Proper Knowledge Transfer

The expectation is, once a resource joins the organization ‘’just jump into your job”. Unfortunately, it won’t work in that manner; even a well-experienced resource needs time and space to adapt to the new environment, to understand the real expectation and culture. So always have a clear knowledge transfer and training schedule planned upfront. The main reason for the resource to leave the organization immediately after joining is the poor or no training and mentor assignment.

Even small things will make a big difference, like having the Business cards, Tag, system readily available to them while joining will give a clear indication that the company is having a proper system and policy in place to work. Any surprise or lag even in basic readiness will create a bad impression right on day one of their work.

4. No Clarity on the Roles and Responsibilities

For anyone to perform their job better they need to know what they should do on a daily and hourly basis. After joining if the roles and responsibility are not readily available to them that will push the smart and sharp employees to take the decision of moving out, on the other hand, if they are not leaving they can’t perform the intended job which results in a drop in the productivity of the organization.

So have the roles and responsibilities aligned to the organizational goal ready before the candidate joins the organization.

5. Not Associating with Right Hiring Partners

Many organizations especially during the initial stage won’t have the experience of hiring the right candidate and making the recruitment on time. Under the impression of saving a few dollars, they will put all the pressure of recruitment on their shoulders ending up not making the right recruitment decision or not doing the same on the intended time. So better focus on the core area of your business and do outsource the recruitment process to the right and best recruitment companies to do the job for you till you are affordable to form the right and best recruitment or  Human resource team of your own.

Employees can make or break the company. So as an employer be very clear about the process of hiring, the process of firing, and the process to track the performance when they are part of your organization.

Happy recruiting!!! Happy Hiring Process!!!



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