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Acquire A License For Your Business

Now that you have a business idea ready and started working on your business plan, what’s next? Acquiring the necessary license is important for any business. Being up to date with the legalities helps protect your business from uncertainties in the future. To launch your business successfully and obtain the necessary license, crafting a clear and well-thought-out business plan is crucial.

The Business License Application is a simplified application used to apply for many state licenses, registrations, and permits, and some city licenses. A business needs a proper license to operate in its respective country and state. Hence it is necessary to recognize the necessary rules of the region, where it is being set-up. The negligence of not doing it could have serious implications. Nevertheless, the process of acquiring a license for a business or a particular product is not that complicated.

Use the Business License Application to apply for many state licenses, registrations, and permits, including a Unified Business Identifier number (UBI or tax registration number) to hire employees; and acquire specific city licenses. A UBI number is a 9-digit number that registers you with several state agencies in a particular state or country. This UBI is most rampantly followed in the United States.

Several Procedures Can Be Broken Into The Following Four Steps:

Where Is Your Business Located?

Different nations across the globe have their own set of rules. These rules are also unique to each city, town, and block. Ascertain these rules by visiting that respective city’s website. Here you will have to clarify if you are operating a Small Business Administration or a Corporate House.  Next, you have to determine, if you are renting office space, have a constructed a building solely for business purpose, or are operating from home.

Ascertain Your Business Code

There is a particular code for each business sector. For example code for “Restaurants”, a code for “Manufacturing facilities”, a code for an “IT company” and so on. Get the code, define what your business will be legally known as (Doing Business As) and then fill the license form. These forms can be downloaded from your city’s or state’s license site. They can also be sought manually from the local City Hall.

 The only two conditions are:

a.  If your business structure is a sole proprietorship or general partnership, you may just file the Business License Application.

b.  If your business structure is set to be one of the following, you must file with the Secretary of State before filing the Business License Application:

i) Corporation

ii) Limited Partnership

iii) Limited Liability Company

iv) Limited Liability Partnership

Be Patient

It may take time to process your license. The duration will vary from region to region, based on the sort of entity you plan to operate. Meaning which, a Small Business could receive its license in a couple of days, while a corporation needs to wait for much longer. The management of a business or its owner will have to collect the license in hand, as verification of identity is required.

Legal Obligations

As you begin to operate, it is essential to follow the necessary legal requirements of your locality, in relation to your specific business type. For example, if you open a restaurant, be sure to get the required permits, liquor license, and health inspections. Moreover, renewals of the same license would be required over a specific period of time, depending on the laws of that particular authority. You may also be required to display a copy of this license at the location of your enterprise.

Options are available for not only acquiring a license in a business’s name but also for each specific product and service. It can be applied for through the Business Licensing Service of your locality. For this, you will need:

i) State tax registration

ii) Industrial insurance (workers’ compensation)

iii) Unemployment insurance

iv) Trade name registration

v)  City and county licenses

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