Start-Up Business Ideas That Can Make You Money

Best Business Ideas to Make Money

In today’s digital and internet-dominated age, you don’t have to rely on offline businesses to earn money. In fact, with greater access to information, the need for quality has increased manifold. There are opportunities that people a decade ago couldn’t have fathomed. People today have a chance to pursue their passion and earn money doing it. Below listed are just some passions that can be monetized.

1. Blogger and Vlogger

Today, more than 5 billion people have access to the internet. To put it into perspective, there were only 400 million internet users less than two decades ago. In the past, if you needed something, libraries or SMEs was your best chance. Today, people google any information they want. If you have a sound subject knowledge and a flair for words, you have an excellent opportunity to hit it off in the digital space. If, however, you’re great with speech, you have a great opportunity as a vlogger, whether it is on YouTube or other platforms. An average blogger earns about $32000 a year although it is not uncommon to see full-time bloggers earning as much as $200k a year and all you need is some topic ideas, motivation to write & build a website with a blog.

2. Graphic Designer

The world today thrives on content. To improve engagement, you need appealing visuals, and that is where graphic designers come in. You don’t even have to set up a company for graphic design. You can run a one-person show as a freelancer. Not only do you get to pick your hours and jobs, but you also get to hone your skills. There are so many platforms, such as Upwork, that see a rising demand for graphic designers. If you have the creativity and a good portfolio, this can become a revenue source that just won’t stop giving. A graphic designer that’s just starting out can earn as much as $60-100 and all that with just a freelance graphic designer agreement.

3. AI and ChatBot

At the start of this millennium, every company needed a website. After the first decade, every company needed a mobile app. Today, every company just needs more engagement on every platform. One way to accomplish this is to use chatbots. Chatbots not only increase engagement but relieve valuable resources to focus on tasks that need human interaction. The paraphrasing tool can help in rephrasing FAQs and responses, ensuring they remain fresh and engaging. For all generic jobs, your AI can be scheduled to answer the questions or direct to various pages on your website that can give your users relevant information. Chatbots also help in getting a lot of usage data and helps in boosting marketing campaigns.

4. Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing Consultant

Services that offer content management or social media marketing are doing very well. Companies formed as early as 2015-16 with a business model that runs solely on freelancers are raking in as much as a few million dollars in turnover. Social media has unlimited potential to boost customer engagement and build a brand. Companies need experts who know how to navigate social media and grow an audience. Influencers who purport to develop engagement with an audience in various specific niches are on the rise. Models advertising health, lifestyle, and other niches bring in great money. This is a trend that experts don’t believe will die out any time soon.

5. Financial Advisor

With the growing opportunities, investment options are opening up. The world of finance is growing increasingly complex, and governments are struggling to keep up by introducing a regulatory framework. As a financial advisor, you’d advise them on how to get the funds they need and where to invest those funds. If you’re someone with sound knowledge of the global economy and finance, you will do well in this role. If you have relevant certifications such as CFP, your credibility increases, and you can grow to be able to pick who you’d want to advise. Financial advisors can earn as much as $100000 a year

6. Dietitian and Nutritionist

People are growing increasingly conscious of what they put inside themselves. With rising levels of pollution and food chain contamination, along with increased contradicting news on the internet, people need someone they can rely on to manage their food. Others want to lose or gain weight for whatever reason. With the increasing need for quick results, people want a planned way so that their efforts bear immediate fruition. This is where Dietitians and Nutritionists come into the picture. People do look for credibility and experience, but if you can prove you have what it takes to help people through their journey, you can build your business so much that you can start your own line of products. An average dietitian makes as much as $65000 a year as an individual.

7. Yoga and Therapy

With increased connectivity comes increased stress. Increased work and lengthened timings have reduced mobility and exercise, bringing about higher risks for cardiovascular and other problems. People are increasingly turning to Eastern techniques as alternatives to harmful allopathic methods. Yoga is one such popular form. In fact, the craze for yoga is so much that there have been several spin-offs that border ridiculousness. With greater connectivity and increased stress, as well as deepened exposure, the need for mental health experts is also increasing. There are several forms of yoga, such as Yoga therapists that combine several techniques for bringing personalized services. This is another trend that experts don’t see ending any time soon.

8. Content Management, Audit, and SEO

As people google information, companies vie for the customers’ attention. Whatever the search intent, companies want to be there. And the only way for companies to do that is through search engines. This means their content should be optimized according to the search engine rules. Companies are increasingly turning towards content managers to supervise the creation of content to improve customer engagement. Existing websites are constantly turning to site audits and content auditors to check for traffic stagnation and weak links. Sometimes, you might even need to write for someone else if you have the flair. So, in the end, all it takes to earn a fancy amount is a simple ghostwriter agreement.

9. Event Planners

With increased money to spend and a greater need for validation, people are willing to go all out for hosting events. However, they don’t want to involve themselves in the activity because it’s just too much work. Event planners get to host the entire show and make some decisions on their own. They get to be the owners of the event without having to spend themselves. The remuneration they get may be based on a certain percentage of the cost or a lump sum figure. Either way, event planning is a lucrative option.

10. Delivery Services

People need stuff delivered to them so that they don’t need to go stuff themselves. It’s as simple as that. If you can find a way to get people everything they need as cheaply as possible, you’ve hooked them. While you do need an extensive network, it’s easy to start in one city or one route.

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