Don’t Bury the Entrepreneurial Skills in You

Entrepreneurship Skills Development

Most people during their late teens and twenties aspire to start their own business or want to do something on their own. When year pass on, the state of affairs in their family, various commitments, work pressures, or doing a job that doesn’t suit their entrepreneurial skill at all will force them to kill the qualities of an entrepreneur in them.

If you are extraordinarily talented or passionate in some area and you end up in an area that you didn’t like at all, slowly you will start losing your qualities of entrepreneurial skills and talents.

So do spend a lot of time self-analyzing to understand which field you are passionate about; try to find the scope of the field, how skillful you are in that field and find a way you to improve your qualities of entrepreneurial skills by taking suitable training or through the guidance of experienced mentors.

Few of the reason which stands between people and  entrepreneurial dream is:

1. Family Background

If someone is from a family where there are no entrepreneurs in their ancestral line or someone in the family might have failed in business, this will have a negative psychological impact. In such a situation, they have to overcome their thoughts and also have to convince their family to let them chase their passion by explaining to them why they want to start and what they are going to do and what is the scope of their business entrepreneurship and where they will be in the next five years, etc.

2. Comfort Zone

Employees working in a corporate or large organization will get money and the lifestyle which they haven’t even dreamt of during an early age which will make them lead a comfortable life. Once you enter into a comfort zone, it is very difficult to break it and come out.

3. The Family is not Supportive

Most of the family members today don’t support people in chasing their dream. We can’t blame them, as they have their own thought processes with which they were brought up. They will say that business is risky (Obviously it is, but it will pay the right reward if we do it right), or that entrepreneurs are born and not made, and so on. You have to heartily convince them in order to pursue your passion.

4. Fear of Failure

This is the major reason which prevents most of the people in becoming an entrepreneur. I heard friends saying that they will ensure and enter a point where they feel they won’t fail in their business entrepreneurshipNo one can predict whether a business will succeed or fail before starting it. You can never know until you set a platform to introduce your product or service.

5. Financial Background

While doing a business, I need a lot of investment and my financial background won’t let me start my business. If you have a thought like this, don’t worry anymore, there are people around you who are searching to invest in the right projects which will benefit them as well. So if you have a great business idea, develop an attractive business plan and start knocking on the doors of banks and investors.

6. Commitments

Financial and family commitments will make one stop thinking out of the box. That too, if someone is paying an EMI, say for their house loan, most of their time would be consumed in thinking how to pay off the loan. And if he/she is the only breadwinner of the family, then they might hesitate in starting something new. This technological era is having lots of resources to support business entrepreneurship and most of the governments all over are encouraging their citizen in becoming an entrepreneur–as the country’s growth, and employment scenario depends on the qualities of entrepreneurs.

“If you find the reason you won’t do it, if you want to do it you won’t find a reason”

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