Business Ideas for Women

Business Ideas for Women – Entrepreneurship Ideas

This article explores the small-scale business and home-based business ideas for women. It would be a good idea to start your maiden venture from the safest place in the world – your own home. In this global world, opportunities are knocking at your doorstep. You just have to analyze your area of interest and expertise and then grab an apt opportunity to launch your idea. These smart ideas will enable you to regain that confidence by establishing you as an independent woman of our times.

The idea presented in this article also fall under the category of small-scale businesses. These ideas are those which don’t require much investment and thus don’t have much liability. Another good feature of these businesses is that they don’t require much paperwork or licensing from authorities. Though started in a tight budget these have immense potential for financial success.

Cookery Classes

Whether you are a boy or a girl, a working woman or a housewife, a businessman or an MNC employee, everybody needs to learn cooking to feed themselves. Since most of us live out alone away from families(for education or work) it becomes even more vital to have a basic sense of this art. If you are passionate about food and patient enough to handle students of every age group you can start this business from your own home.

Bed and Breakfast

To start this business you will be requiring a license from the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. Started off as a huge project during the Commonwealth Games, it still represents a very rewarding home business opportunity for ladies who can recreate homely warmth for the guests. All they need is a guest room as an initial investment and the business is off to go.

Translation Services

Businesses today have expanded across the globe and not all countries favor English as their business or primary language. If you know a language and have a degree you can start your own linguistic services for these firms, and that too from the comforts of your home. Since business correspondence happens on a regular basis, it ensures regularity in projects.

Child Care Centre

For working women, the main concern is always the safety of her children after school. With growing crime rates in metro cities, it has become highly unsafe for children to stay at home alone. Catering to this concern are daycare centers in every locality. This becomes a fruitful business opportunity for a housewife as without venturing out you get to make some money. And more than this the service offers you a great company. Mothers of these children would trust you with their kids, and this is what will make this venture more meaningful.

Hobby Lessons

The overall development of kids has become a necessity in the modern world. Today they require constructive hobby classes for well-balanced growth. If you are talented in music, dance, or painting, you can start a class of your own. These classes benefit children not only for their future but also to ease them from present stress caused by increased workload from their curriculum. The classes can be easily accommodated in your living area and can be done at a time convenient to you. Apart from children, there are many young adults who want to take up this as a career. By facilitating diploma and degree courses from a recognized university you can accommodate them as well.

Parenting Blog/Website/Community

Young parents today seek help from the internet for child care. What they need is a well-informed website or blog which gives authentic and useful guidelines for child care. Starting a blog regarding this can prove to be beneficial for them. Also, you can cite your personal experiences in the blog to give it a touch of warmth. Parents of teens or young Adults also look towards the internet in order to understand their children’s psychology and needs. And what more do they need then a mom sharing her own experience, and in a way, finding solutions for them? These blogs can be connected to other social groups on the internet to make it more popular. In this way, one can generate income through Google Adsense, etc. With zero investment (there are many options for making a free website).


For a woman who had to leave her job in order to attend her children or home, it becomes difficult to satisfy her lust for work. A way to fulfill it can be tutoring kids of your locality. It can be done at your convenience and that too without disturbing your priority (your home).  Also, it just needs your knowledge as an investment, provided you have some space for the children to sit and learn.

Event Planning

Every woman has few events in her kitty which she has to plan for her parents, husband, colleagues, friends, in-laws, and kids. They have the responsibility of making them successful. For some, this is a task. Others who actually enjoy doing this can convert their love for event planning and reap monetary gains from it. Event planning is a big thing and has immense potential for gains. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts 43.7 percent growth in the industry between 2010 and 2020. A woman can use her administrative skill to put together a beautiful and memorable event for her clients. This venture might ask you to spare a few thousands for printing your visiting cards, brochures, etc. But the main ingredient that you put in is your own expertise and passion to realize people’s dreams.

Counseling Service

People today take counseling help from experts regarding their health, personal or professional life, or for the education of their children. These counselors help others overcome challenges, make tough but necessary decisions, and reach their potential. A woman can take up this venture and through her compassion and clarity of vision can inspire people to excel in their lives. For this venture as well, you just need a space for your office (which can be your living room or a study room or even a modified-garage), a laptop, wifi connection, printer, some visiting cards, and books. Hence, within a very small amount, this business can be started to achieve satisfaction.

Freelance Writing/Editing for Publishing Houses

If you have some experience regarding writing or editing of books, there is not much left for the expense in this undertaking. Writing articles for blogs, websites, magazines, or periodicals not only brings in money but also keep you motivated mentally. Likewise, you can also take some freelance editing jobs with multiple publishing houses. With both writing and editing services in your pocket, you can further venture out to open your own company for these kinds of services. With just a blog and a few email proposals to your existing mailing list, this business can be easily kicked off.



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